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18 Aug

>Hi everyone! I just want to share the good news!

Some of you may know that I am into net surfing (really am), you might not see my Friendster and other networking sites missed out a single day, it would always say (LAST LOG IN: 24 hours)Ü. However, that somehow changed a few months ago because of my schedule.

I work 9 hours a day and attend my classes every Tuesdays and Thursdays, so instead of staying in front of this TECHNOLOGY, I’d rather sleep and get “charged” for the next day. It is somehow hard especially at first, but I get adjusted to the both worlds, and so I can therefore say that “IT’S REALLY ALL ABOUT TIME MANAGEMENT”.

Now the good news is–last August 16, 2007 my Supervisor informed me that that day was the official date of my regularization!

Yep, I’m already a regular employee. Aside from a higher compensation and benefits, it just feels good to be part of the No.1 Corporate company in the Philippines AND world wide acclaimed-CONVERGYS


I can’t imagine myself without him…

11 Aug

>Last August 09, 2007 from work, I heard the bad news from my sisters. My daddy needs to surpass a minor heart operation (Angioplasty) to diagnose if his heart has an extended damage due to the dead tissue that was produced from his previous mild stroke. I was really shocked because we were not even aware about that previous stroke that he had (he, himself was not aware too, it was a sudden attacked that he did not feel and know), not unless the doctors informed him about his heart condition.
August 10, 2007 (PH TIME); August 9, 2007 (USA TIME, his place), was the scheduled date for his operation. I tried to be strong for him and my sisters but when my “Ate” started to cry, the rest of us followed. It was really hard for us to accept our dad’s health situation. The fact that he’s a million miles away from us made me more weak. I felt very helpless!
The whole night was miserable, I grabbed my mobile and composed a message for my TEXT-brigade. I sent it to my friends, and relatives and asked them to ask for God’s guidance and healing hands all thru out the operation. I was first hesitant if it would be really necessary to inform other people about my father’s condition, but as I’ve said, I felt very helpless and irresponsible, so I decided to find a way and that was to ask other people to help me and my family in praying for our special daddy. I received lots of text messages from my friends and I was really overwhelmed with all the text messages. They all sympathized and prayed for my daddy. The thought that a lot of people care about me and my dad, had somehow helped me surpassed this obstacle.
After a while of waiting, my Tita Elvie texted us and informed us that the procedure was over and successful, and that there was no need for my dad to undergo the next critical procedure (Bypass). My heart started to pump back FROM its sadness. Thank God!
Lesson/a learned:
1) Everything may happen in just a second, so if you love someone, please don’t be hesitant to say how much he/she means to you.♥♥♥
2) Trust and have faith in Him and He will do the rest for us. God atests us because He believes in our capacity to surpass these tests with his gracing hands.
Thank you:
1) TITA ELVIE: I thank you for being there for my daddy, for taking care of him, and for loving him.
2) TO EVERYONE: Thank you for the prayers. I know God listened to our prayers.

my first

8 Aug

>Hi everyone! This is my first independent blog site. I have two networking sites like FRIENDSTER and MULTIPLY and these have blog options too but they don’t focus on blogging.

I just hope that despite of my busy days, I would still be able to update MY FIRST independent blog site!Ü