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The Break-up

2 Sep


The long wait of those who weren’t and still aren’t happy for us has ended yesterday 09/01/2007. I and Mark just decided to separate ways.

I don’t feel like sharing the reasons of the break-up. It would be a thing between me and Mark, not unless he feels sharing it with his friends or whoever.

I know that it wouldn’t be easy as forgetting how Algebra works… it would be very hard as understanding how Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics work! Why? Our relationship WAS great and awesome, it was a feeling of everyday bliss… it was like no problem mattered at all. We spent 7 years of our lives together, I loved him and he loved me (no question about that), but that certain feeling was not enough to make the relationship constant.

Yesterday was really a learning day for me. I have learned how to manage the hurt of letting go the person I loved.

I know that we MIGHT end up meeting and being together again, BUT as of now I just want to be alone for a while and discern.

Today is a new day for me.Ü I know I will get through with God’s guidance.

I wish him and his family well. God bless!

So long!