101% RIGHT AND 98.99% SURE

10 Feb

>2007 was really a learning year for me, I had so many experiences that made me strong and taught me to walk on the right path. I had pains that I thought I wouldn’t bear, my heart, mind, and body were all restless. I lost someone who’s a real angel now and, lost my little angel’s Dad who I loveD for several years. All of these made me really strong. They taught me to look at the bright side of what life can bring, these moments skilled my legs to stand up again and walk forward, they trained my brain to forget the past and move on. Finally, after a few months of struggling, I made it! Thanks to my family, friends and to the Man up above.

My Christmas and New Year 2007 went well. I started this year with a smile. I became more “back-to-normal” as days passed by.

Just this month, Mr. Past confronted me. He told me that he still loves me and if he would have another chance, he wouldn’t waste it and will ask me to marry him. I didn’t expect what my heart felt as I went through his text message…. my heart didn’t feel good about it. Unexpected, but I really didn’t feel happy, no butterflies, not even one….98.99% SURE.

I don’t like to be sure of what I am feeling right now, but I am assuming that I might have forgotten my feeling for him, I don’t know when but I know how. I don’t know if it’s real, but I know it’s RIGHT…. 101%.

If you’ll be able to read this message now. I just want to let you know that I will always care for you and love you AS A FRIEND. It could never be as before and we both know why. I thank you for all the good times.Ü


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