30 Apr

>Last day of the college week. I really had a fun-filled day because I met new people and my rummage sale did well. FYI, my mom works in U.P and she organized their fare. I was there to sell the stuff that we wanted to dispose. I sold most of the stuff and earned almost 4K… =)

We brought our Manang with us and our so-loved doggie-Heaven. They had a great day too. Manang bought some stuff for herself. Heaven who was so irritable and hard to get along with (Chihuahuas are really like that), tried her very best to make friends.

We closed our store at aroung 5pm and prepared for the “Bayle” disco that lasted until 10pm. I did a little moves and I thank my Mama for not taking any picture of my dancing moves… (lolz). BTW, my mom was the dancing queen of the night.

What I really loved was the experience I had. It was really hard to sell used stuff but I did a bit good because of the rapport I built with my customers. The clothes were really inexpensive, they really enjoyed the price of 20 bucks for a piece. I was really not after the money, it was more of disposing the stuff that I no longer find useful BUT would be very helpful and valuable in others’ end.

With this experience, I also learned how to value the life our “tinderas and tinderos”. It was really hard to convince other people to buy your products and earn money out of the stuff that people might love or not.

I met new people and I now consider them as my friends. I gave them discounts and they gave me free food..hehehe! I also met new friends from STI College, they came over to have their Annual Youth Congress.



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