6 May

>Yesterday (05/06/08), I and my colleague were on our way home from the office. We went underneath the commonwealth footbridge (near Convergys) and decided to eat kwek-kwek (my oh so dear itlog ng pugo!). We ordered a dozen but only tasted 1 out of 12..why?? These MMDA men suddenly got off their trucks and grabbed these poor vendors’ goods. I was surprised and felt really bad.

I know that these people were just doing their jobs to earn money. I feel really bad that there are people who work for themselves and don’t think of others. These vendors just want to earn 50 cents out of the capital they invested and like everybody else, they want to eat to be able to survive and live.

Bias is something I don’t tolerate but it seems like MMDA does! They’re doing this for the majority as what they always say but how about the minority?? Some may say that these vendors preferred this way of living by not doing good in their studies when they were still in school, but that was their past that we can never bring back but we can certainly correct by allowing them to earn money so they could send their children to school. It’s true that they cause heavy traffics but if they only have an alternative way to survive, I AM SURE that they won’t even dare to sell.

How I wish that these government people (not all) will experience the lives of our poor folks even for just a day. It’s very obvious that these MMDA people are given an authority to steal others’ living. I just hope that they’d be able to arrest the real thieves of our society (you know who they are).


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