25 Jun

>Yehey! I already finished the layout. After 5 hrs. The layout is very simple, it only has pictures but the “layering” was a bit hard because each photo needs to be “layered” properly.

We will have this printed next week for Dad’s tumbler and will send it to the States (where my Dad is now).

I’ll post the finished product (the mug with this layout) when ready!

I just hope he won’t see this entry until he gets the mug! hehehe!

Want to make your own:
1) get the original pattern from your starbucks tumbler
2) scan the pattern-better to plot it on a colored paper first so you can easily distinguish the patter that you have to follow.
3) get ready to gather the stuff you want to use.
4) use any photo-editor program-I used photoshop
5) you may also try using digital scrapbook stuff.. they are really nice add-ons.
6) save your work
7) print it using a photopaper
8) cut the pattern
9) place it inside your tumbler
10) and seal it with a kiss…hahaha!

For pre-made layouts, you may get one from




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