The Alamang and Bagoong, BOW!

8 Jul


My skin is really sensitive and I hate it. Whenever it gets too cold or too hot my skin asthma attacks, and when I eat my sooo love dishes and appetizers…my allergies kill me.
So what I do is take my drug (anti-histamine) before I eat my craves, and after… Fiesta Galore, and next is SIESTA-sleeping after eating–a side effect of my darling drug! BUT.. BUT…

Today, I had a fresh fish with Bagoong and Alamang at the side. I had a great lunch, however, my darling drug didn’t work, the side effect did but not enough to stop my allergies popping. =(

I swear not to trust my darling drug… my fault, I should have realized that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! So no matter how I love these craves… Goodbye BAGOONG, GOODBYE ALAMANG!

P.S Break na tayo my darling drug!

ALAMANG: Alamang is a Filipino delicacy fish-PASTE made out of small fish and salt. Filipinos cook it with sugar and other spices and serve it as an appetizer.
BAGOONG: Bagoong is a Filipino delicacy fish-sauce made out of fish and salt, mud (at times). Filipinos preserve these ingredients in a bottle to make it more tasty!


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