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Early Bird

28 Oct

>I’m here at our diner’s internet corner. I am too early for my shift. My shift starts at 7:00 am and it is 6:12 am only so here I am… updating my blog!
I started my new work here in HSBC on October 27, 2008, and I am really enjoying my stay, the people are nice, the place is 110% cool, and they really take care of their employees.

I am somehow sad because I miss my former colleagues.

_cut_ (i have to go)




25 Oct


Today (October 25, 2008), I and my very close friend went out to pamper ourselves. We first went to Our Lady of Consolacion Parish (Tandang Sora), we weren’t able to hear any mass because of the wedding ceremony that was being held when we arrived. So we just went to the adoration chapel and said our prayers. From there, we went to G-Spa (Scout Esguera), where we tried their Jacuzzi, Sauna bath, and the very relaxing part-the famous body spa! We stayed there for almost 2 hours and 30 minutes. I loved it there because we were allowed to take photos unlike in other spa and fitness centres, however, I just brought my mobile and did not bring the digital cam.

Guys, the place is great! The employees are very friendly, and courteous! That haven is really a must-try! I promise!

We’ll go there every month,, yehey!

SFDC IV-Diamond Batch 2003

21 Oct

>I haven’t slept yet since yesterday because I started working on our HS website that would serve as our discussion room for the upcoming christmas party, birthdays, events, updates about us, and whatnot.

The site is very simple and still incomplete. I still need to gather more infos and add-ons. 🙂

Here’s the site address:

Thanks to for hosting the website!

More add-ons to come!

Viva SFDC IV-Diamond Batch 2003!!!

Q.L.Y But

21 Oct

>I don’t want to try, knowing that we may end up hurting each other. You’re fine but we are talking about our religions and beliefs here. Why risk, why invest, why try, if we know it won’t work, not at all my dear.

I don’t want to enter your world and learn what you love to do, eat what you crave for, love the people you care for, go to places, and eventually fall for you. I won’t let that happen and tumble after.

Q.L.Y but I am sorry! 😦

Maid Just For This Day

20 Oct


Our kasambahay-Ate Loreta takes a month-long vacation in her hometown. So this time, we have to do the house chores, cook food, touch the laundry, etc.

Today is our first day without her. It is a bit tough because we are busy with our own stuff. The eldest and the youngest are enjoying their sembreak, my twin and mom work everyday, and me, who is about to work again next week has to finish the websites that I have been building for almost a month now.

I woke up at 7:00, and started working as their maid! I did the dishes first, cleaned the garage, gave a cold bath to the puppies, fixed the receiving area, and cooked our lunch. I enjoyed it!

I’ll just wait for my mom so I could get my salary for being their maid for just this day, kidding! 

Resigned and Just Signed

17 Oct

>I just got home from my soon-to-be office. I already signed the employment contract.. 🙂 Bum no more!

I resigned from Convergys on September 30, ’08 and I have been a bum since that day. I enjoyed though… 🙂 I was able to rest, focus on my diet project, and had bonding moments with my friends.

I will start my new job as an Operations Associate for HSBC U.S.A Care on October 27, 2008. I am very excited and happy because my twin sister also works there. My training will start at 7:00am to 3:00pm, I love i love! To be honest, I still don’t know how it feels to work during these “normal” hours, since I am used to graveyard shifts. 🙂

I know that I’ll meet new people and I am very excited. Somehow, I feel sad because I miss my friends and former colleagues from Convergys. 😦 (I’ll see you guys sooon!)

Guilty :)

15 Oct


I won’t post this as one of my diet updates.. 🙂 why??

My twinsister grabbed a box of an 18-inch NYF Yellow Cab Pizza (my favorite). When we were in the taxi, I started counting. 1.. 2…3.. 12 slices and we are 6, so each would get two slices of this New York’s Finest! (yooohoooo)!

I lost my motivation (OMG!), just this time!

5 things to keep motivated

1) Say “i can do this!”
2) Remember the dress you saw in the mall, it won’t fit you if you won’t stop eating (lol)
3) They say: “maganda ka sana, mataba lang” (chicka!)
4) Don’t go to bday treats (hahaha!)
5) STAY AWAY FROM your cravings!

Too late.. I just finished my two NYFS! 🙂