14 Oct

>I loved (emphasis on the verb tense please) him and I was over him, however, when I heard the bad news, I wanted to get him back, to secure and take care of him- I only wanted to make sure that no one would hurt him the way he had hurt me.

I prayed to God and said my apologies. I was insensitive and damn wrong for thinking that way. I could have thought of his partner’s feelings. I knew how it felt, to be left by someone you loved, someone you took care, and someone you wouldn’t want to lose.

He is a big boy now, and I should not be afraid of what might come along his way. Where he is right now is where his heart desires.

It is not true that to forgive is to forget, BUT I am sure that CARE comes after forgiveness.

I wish you well.

Sincerely yours,
Forgiving Heart


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