Guilty :)

15 Oct


I won’t post this as one of my diet updates.. 🙂 why??

My twinsister grabbed a box of an 18-inch NYF Yellow Cab Pizza (my favorite). When we were in the taxi, I started counting. 1.. 2…3.. 12 slices and we are 6, so each would get two slices of this New York’s Finest! (yooohoooo)!

I lost my motivation (OMG!), just this time!

5 things to keep motivated

1) Say “i can do this!”
2) Remember the dress you saw in the mall, it won’t fit you if you won’t stop eating (lol)
3) They say: “maganda ka sana, mataba lang” (chicka!)
4) Don’t go to bday treats (hahaha!)
5) STAY AWAY FROM your cravings!

Too late.. I just finished my two NYFS! 🙂


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