Maid Just For This Day

20 Oct


Our kasambahay-Ate Loreta takes a month-long vacation in her hometown. So this time, we have to do the house chores, cook food, touch the laundry, etc.

Today is our first day without her. It is a bit tough because we are busy with our own stuff. The eldest and the youngest are enjoying their sembreak, my twin and mom work everyday, and me, who is about to work again next week has to finish the websites that I have been building for almost a month now.

I woke up at 7:00, and started working as their maid! I did the dishes first, cleaned the garage, gave a cold bath to the puppies, fixed the receiving area, and cooked our lunch. I enjoyed it!

I’ll just wait for my mom so I could get my salary for being their maid for just this day, kidding! 


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