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Peace na tayo oatmeal, sige na please.. :)

23 Nov

>I am still big, but it doesn’t matter because I want to take it one step at a time.

Two months ago, I started to cut down some pounds because of my health condition. The first month was easy because I had the help of my drug (diet pills). I did not want to depend on em’, so I tried to control my appetite without em’. It was hard and I have been experiencing diet plateau.

This is the hardest part. 😦 I am again going back to my old eating habits. I don’t want to take my diet pills, depend on it, bounce back, and experience diet plateau. I want plans that will last not only for a few months but for a long term.

I browsed the net and started looking for recipes that are delicious and healthy.

I don’t eat oatmeal, but this food has lots to offer. You can do a lot of recipes out of this healthy grains. So I am decided to give it a try. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

For those who have delicious oatmeal recipes that are easy to prepare.. please let me know.


Make a Plan and Stick to It.
Before you start a weight loss plan, it is important that you have a realistic and healthy eating and exercise plan in place. People who try to lose weight by turning to the latest fad diet are unlikely to keep the weight off long term. If you are searching for a healthy plan that will help you lose weight, try the Quaker Weight Control Plan. Research shows that people who eat Quaker Weight Control as part of a reduced calorie diet with moderate exercise lose weight.
Have a positive attitude.
Instead of approaching your weight loss efforts with dread, try to look on the positive side and think about how good you will feel once you lose the excess weight. If you hit a weight loss plateau, remain confident that you will overcome the plateau and reach your goal. And remember that exercise helps raise your brain’s serotonin levels, which increases feelings of well-being and helps ward off depression.
Make your workout enjoyable.
If you find an exercise routine that you truly enjoy, you will be much more likely to commit to it. Try thinking back to childhood activities you enjoyed, such as bicycling, swimming, or playing basketball, for inspiration. You might also want to try reading a book or listen to some energizing music while you exercise in order to distract you from the task at hand and keep you motivated.
Get Your Family Involved.
You will be much more likely to stick with your weight loss plan if you have the support of your family. Why not encourage them to adopt your healthy new eating and exercising habits, as well? Getting your family involved will help keep you motivated and you can also encourage each other when someone is feeling tempted to indulge in a candy bar or skip a workout. By making healthy lifestyle changes as a family, you will also be helping your children develop lifestyle habits that they will hopefully follow throughout their lives.
Be honest about your eating habits.
If you are using a food journal {link to food journal] as part of your weight loss plan, it is essential that you are completely honest about the foods you are eating. A food journal can be a very helpful resource in determining which areas of your diet have room for improvement. It can also give you insight into foods that you turn to when you are stressed or bored. By keeping a truthful record of your eating habits, you are only increasing your odds of accomplishing your weight loss goals, even if the truth hurts a little.
Take it one step at a time.
Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to make too many changes to your lifestyle at the same time. Instead of giving your entire diet an overhaul in one day, try making one healthy substitution each week, such as replacing full fat dairy products with reduced or fat-free versions. By making these changes gradually, you will be increasing your odds of following these healthy changes for the rest of your life, which is important not only for weight loss, but for weight maintenance, as well.



1 Nov

>Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged for a week since I was busy with work and had no time to write stuff. The past week was busy but filled with new learning from my new company, and i was grateful to meet new people. I met my twin sister’s colleagues and it was very sweet of them to welcome me.

It is saturday right now and I am very happy because this is my first weekend-off after two years of getting used to a two-weekday-off. It feels great to stay at home during weekends with your family, you get to enjoy meals with them, you get to watch your favorite shows, and you can go out with friends who don’t work during weekends too! I am really happy!!!

My schedule might change in a couple of months since our office operates 24 hours a day, and I might get one of the graveyard shifts which is definitely okay with me… I still have 8 weekends to enjoy, anyway!