1 Nov

>Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged for a week since I was busy with work and had no time to write stuff. The past week was busy but filled with new learning from my new company, and i was grateful to meet new people. I met my twin sister’s colleagues and it was very sweet of them to welcome me.

It is saturday right now and I am very happy because this is my first weekend-off after two years of getting used to a two-weekday-off. It feels great to stay at home during weekends with your family, you get to enjoy meals with them, you get to watch your favorite shows, and you can go out with friends who don’t work during weekends too! I am really happy!!!

My schedule might change in a couple of months since our office operates 24 hours a day, and I might get one of the graveyard shifts which is definitely okay with me… I still have 8 weekends to enjoy, anyway!


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