Room 605

9 Apr


I’m so glad to be back after my 6-day stay in the hospital. I swear to take care of myself from now on.

Three weeks ago, I felt a strange pain inside my lower-left abdomen. I neglected and thought that it was just a week-long muscle pain. However, the pain became part of my daily routine, so after 3 weeks of pain and fever, I decided to go to the hospital and was diagnosed of having a Urinary Track Infection.

I was admitted in Capitol Medical Center and stayed there for 6 boring days. I had no choice, the doctors wanted to make sure that the constant pain was only because of U.T.I and no other factors. I had lots of tests (Urinalysis, Urine Culture Sensitivity, Ultrasound, Gyne Clearance, Transvaginal Ultasound, X-ray, and the hardest was the Barium Enema-Colon X-ray). I was so happy to know that the results were in favor of me-my health…except for the two diagnoses (UTI and Fatty Liver).

These are curable! I just need to take my antibiotics for a few more days and I need to follow a strict Low Cholesterol Diet-that is a big challenge for me. This time, I have to make this diet work or else…I’ll be dead at a young age (knock on wood). Be positive!

Thank you Papa Jesus! J

Btw, read my next blog-KNOW THE PROCEDURES!


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