25 Apr

Our economic condition is getting worse and it has been in the news lately that people around the world are losing their jobs, and many companies and even financial institutions are filing bankruptcy because of the economic hardship. I know that I have a stable job and earning enough funds for my needs, however, this fact still scares me.

Last night, after watching the news, I decided to give my bank a ring. I asked them if they have an option to automatically transfer an amount of money from my payroll account to my bank account, and I was pleased to know that-YES they have! 

Autosave is a great option for those who are earning but having a hard time saving. It will allow us to manage our budget and we need not to worry on how and when to go to our banks to deposit our savings!

My bank will routinely get 2,500 from my salary every 15th of each month from my payroll account and will carry it over to my savings account, a hassle-free way of saving, ayt? I will not also get a spare card for my savings account so I wouldn’t be enticed to take out funds from it..hehehehe!
Considering how hard life is nowadays, it is really a good idea that we start cutting back on some things that we can! Call your bank now 


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