9 May

I haven’t changed my layouts for months now so I decided to touch them (multiply and Friendster) while I was waiting for the alarm to shout for our puppies’ feeding time which I was assigned to do for the past 3 days.
I love the color combination, it looks simple and cool.

I am very sorry for those who are requesting for layouts, I only have a day or two to make your requests because I work too, so please bear with me. Same thing-FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. I also prefer requests to be sent to my e-mail address, and please don’t forget to describe your layout request, its color (you may include html color codes), image, and whatnot. I am trying my best to finish all your requests. So for efficiency, just email your request at
I don’t only make layouts for multiply and friendster, but also create independent personal, college, and business websites, so your PATIENCE is really needed. Btw, I am also employed.hehehe! I just love making layouts and I so appreciate those people who like my works, that’s why I am really trying to manage my time and do all my responsibilities.

I’ll be back on Sunday and will be available until Monday afternoon.

Thanks for the patience and understanding!


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