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Good Morning World!

30 Aug

>Hello! Good morning world and good morning to all bloggers out there! 🙂

I woke up at 5:00am.

Had a much-deserved sleep, super haba… like 15 hours. The week was really tiring, not to mention the experience I had last Friday. I was wide-awake for more than 24 hours.

Today is a long day for me. I have to drive Betty alone, I need to be confident this time, or else!! 🙂
So here are the things I need to do today

  1. Drive Betty
  2. Pay my bills
  3. Have Betty car washed
  4. Finish my forever pending layouts.. sorry 😦
  5. Go to the church before going to work, to have Betty blessed.

Be right back, I have to take a shower now.

Good morning world! 🙂


Kung Walang Magpapaloko, Walang Manloloko

28 Aug


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I missed blogging.. and I am finally back.

Yesterday was fulfilling and yet exhausting. I was wide awake for more than 24 hours and the hypoglycemia attack for the second instance that jiffy drove me nuts!

My work yesterday ended at 4:30am (it does all the time btw), I just stayed in our office’s sleeping quarter and tried to slumber. The snooze-plan didn’t happen, so I got up at 7:00am, went down to the lobby and waited for my Ate Mavic.

She arrived at 8:00am (she’s always on time btw), so I got in her car and drove to LTO. The office was already jam-packed. Everybody was busy with their own things and business, yes business- aside from LTO’s kind employees…people from different walks of life were there… Doctors, call center Agents, Baranggay Tanod, Bartender, Crew, Students, 85 years old, girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, FIXERS, and whatchamacallit.

I approached the guard who was near the main gate, and asked for the instructions while my Ate was busy looking for vacant parking lot. The guard then shouted “Ate Merly, aplikante!”. So I had to approach that lady who was pretty sitting near the humble store. I sent my greetings and said that I was there to get a Non-professional License. She was wearing a pink polo shirt, with a logo-Land Transportation Office on it. I was really wondering why her office was located just nearby the little store. She then got a hold of my student’s permit, attached it to a small piece of paper with “Kuya Boy” written on it. She told me to go to this specific Medical Center and look for Kuya Boy. I was cautious and undecided whether to follow what she just told me, or just pretend as if I heard nothing and would just drag my feet further to the office and ask for the instructions… I just wanted to make sure that I was on the right track. I even asked her if the Medical Center she was asking me to go to is an affiliate of LTO. That was how uncertain I was yesterday, I followed what she said though. (dim-witted mode, I

We went to that Medical Center and showed them the papers I had on hand. They got them and they gave me a small container for my urine sample. I wasn’t in the brink of peeing, so I knew that I had to take-in lotsa H20. We had breakfast, chillux mode for an hour, and I literally drank almost one pitcher of H20, not to count the 18oz Pineapple juice in. Go figure what happened

I went back to the Center, and hastily ran to the loo, and the good thing-no one was inside the loo. I canned, and then wore a smile on my face and said “success!!! Yooohooo!!!! Buh-bye H20”. While waiting for the drug-test result, the nurse checked my BP, vitals, (I lost 35 lbs na), and my eye-sight grade was perfect (20/20). Everything just worked for me.

After the long wait, we went back to the Lady in pink. I showed her the results. She asked me if I wanted to make things easy. My brain was working that minute, and so I already knew what she was trying to say. It interested me though. She offered an all-in amount (I’d rather not post it here), and even disclosed “rush toh’ iha”. Since I came from a 9-hour graveyard shift, and I sooo wanted to fast-forward everything, I took it. (dim-witted mode again).

She gave me the instructions. I followed, and at the end of the day, I felt soooo stupid. Here’s why!

At that moment, the word “rush” for me was-making things easy for myself. That was why I dealt with that amount so I could get my license without dealing with the hassles and all. I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing and I also felt bad for the people who were there as early as 7:00am to get their licenses too, it was just that my body was so exhausted, sleepless, and whatnot. NOW… here’s the main incident.

Nothing really happened. I still waited for 9 hours, still took all the tests required, and I was even part of the last batch who had the practical exam. I should have not trusted her… had I known that the word “rush” for that lady was literally- Taking Advantage of other people.

I put all the blame on me. I wanted to make things easy by cheating and I was so irresponsible with how I trusted the person…so I just deserved it. It was my entire fault. “Kung walang magpapaloko, walang manloloko”.

The rewarding part was- I passed all the tests, I was able to drive the jeepney-type vehicle and was granted for a non-professional license. I met new people too, and the most important thing was- I LEARNED new lessons yesterday.

From the LTO, we went to the church. I slept inside the car while my ate drove me home.

And..The day ended with a hypoglycemia-attack… my bad.


19 Aug

>sorry for the super late visit.. i miss you blogspot!