Excuse my mood

2 Sep


Good evening world??? Am I greeting you all or questioning?? Idk… hayyy (what’s good about it if I always get sick… excuse my upset mode)!

I love BER season, because it is the first sign that we all come up with while we wait for Christmas. On the other hand, I find it annoying when this BER season… for me or should I say for some means MORE health issues.

During this season, the nights are colder and the days are humid. These changes in weather can trigger my bronchial and skin asthma, which is not strange. I just hate the fact that I have no choice but to bear it and make a few adjustments on my work schedule, what I eat, and whatchamacallit.

Two days ago, I had an asthma attack which was triggered by the weather and the stress I felt the whole day. I only had two choices; 1) skip work; or 2) die. (go figure what choice I made).

The following day was still hard for me, I held every breath I could and saved it for the next second. (for those who don’t have asthma, good for y’all.. let me just picture how it feels… it’s like you have 10 seconds to say everything you want to say, then goodbye world after, you have to breathe through your mouth alone to make your lungs lighter… which is very hard). So what I did was to swap my Sunday OFF to my yesterday’s schedule… too bad.

Tonight’s the time to say bu-bye to my asthma, however, this effing back is really mad at me and the pain wants me dead… hhhhhayyyy! (excuse my mood again… please). I can’t hardly move my thighs and my back feels numbs.. I am really wondering what the heck this back problem is…(I am done with the therapy sessions and all, but not with the follow-up check-ups yet ooopppps). This isn’t funny at all…

I’ll see my doctor soon and get over his effing condition. hhhhayyy!

Thanks I have my blog.. my blog to vent all this out.

-the sour strawberry jam 😦


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