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Ice Cream Diehard Fan

1 Oct


I’ve been trying to trim down since July of this year and I am happy to know that I’ve been losing a few pounds off my figure. I only have two choices btw, to lose weight or get killed at a very young age—the first choice is way better. J

Losing weight is not easy. It’s the hardest challenge for me who has been used to “eat-what-you-want, and eat-all-you-can” diet. I love food, my whole clan does, so it’s like unlearning something you already know and love by heart- very hard, right?

Just a few hours ago, I was in the grocery store with my mom. My eyes rambled over these delicious chows-cakes, chicherias, chocolates, in short… my pre-loved favorites. It was a test for me, (the hardest test I ever had) and I passed it btw. I held my hands together, and didn’t touch any of those foodums, and the funny thing was, I left my wallet in the car just to make sure that I didn’t have a single penny to buy food and whatnot.

We passed by the store’s Ice Cream corner. My heart cried because of the desire to have one. L I even wanted to cheat for an Ice cream. My conscience worked its way by dictating my feet to stay away from that corner. My feet then followed, and headed me to the Vegetables and Fruits corner. After grabbing one kilo of cucumber for my dinner, we went to the cashier to have everything paid BUT we passed by the Ice Cream corner again. L I really wanted to get one but was in dilemma because of my trim-down diet. I really felt sad…but my eyes rolled over this one bulky freezer with the logo FIC on it- yes… it was FRUITS IN ICE CREAM, my favorite ice cream brand. I ran to the box, opened it, and got Pistachio 475ml, I didn’t even look at the price… hehehe. The price didn’t matter, but the crave for my no. 1 idol did. J


Btw, I had to ask Mom to pay for the ice cream and the cucumber. 153 PHP, cool for a healthy diet, right?




I really don’t have any idea if FIC products are made for those who follow a strict diet, BUT what I am sure of is that FIC Ice creams are made of tropical fruit ingredients and natural milk ingredients.

I have to go now, and eat my ice cream. J