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I’ll Miss You!

30 Nov


My ate mavic will be leaving for Leyte in no time. L I feel so sad…We’ve been bff, sisters, and neighbors and it feels gloomy to imagine the next 6 months without her. L

My Christmas WishLIST! :)

26 Nov


My 2009 wishlist! J These are simple things but I really don’t know where to get ’em. L

I want to make my wishlist simple this year. We all know that many of our fellowmen lost their homes and loved ones because of the typhoons, killings, and etc. I wish them God’s grace and guidance! J

I really don’t know how to call this but this is a sandwich box. This one is so cute (made in Japan). I want to make my own health sandwich every time I go to work. Healthy na mura pa. This one is better than sandwich plastic bags because this will keep your sandwich fresh. J

I also want to have Bento accessories. The ones I can use for rice shaping, veggies/fruits cutter, basta lahat ng pwedeng magamit for a beautiful bento. J

and syempre a bento won’t be possible without a bento box. J I want a 2-layer bento box.. (lunch box). Something that is spill-proof and will keep my food fresh. Sa Japan daw super dami pagpipilian since Bento started in Japan. (sana may japan store ditto sa Philippines). I see bento accessories and boxes at online stores, they really don’t cost a lot but the shipping and handling fee will make ’em expensive which is not very practical. J Sana matuloy kami sa Hong Kong next year.. hehehe.. kahit hindi Japan yun baka meron dun… J

This may not be that simple… pero I really want to have one. This is really not that expensive pero ditto siguro sa Philippines mahal siya. I want to learn how to cook different waffles… I love waffles kasi. (The second photo is the second photo is the Totally Pancakes & Waffles Cookbook by Helene Siegel (1996, Paperback)

I want I want sushi rolls! This one is the bamboo sushi mat. I always want to learn and make these delicious rice rolls but I don’t have this bamboo mat. (saan ba nakakabili nito?).

A Takoyaki maker too. J

 I am in love with Japanese food. These cookbooks will definitely make my Christmas.

These are the things I really want to have before year 2010 comes. I want to learn and make my own food. I just believe that the food you cook yourself is healthier than those you buy over the counters. Mas mura pa..:)

i-sken teps :)

25 Nov


Many people have been asking me- what are the things I use or put on my face because it looks different (sabi nila makinis daw..hehehe)? So here are the things I do.

1) I’ve been using Papaya soap (since grade 4), now, I found this papaya soap with the most famous ingredient-Kojic Acid. I use it now, but it makes my face dry so I also wash my face with a very mild soap (I prefer the Liquid Johnson & Johnson’s Milk Bath). I also use this milk bath all over my body… it smells sooo good… promise! J

2) I never forget to put moisturizer on my face before I sleep and before I go to bed. Here are the best moisturizers that won’t cost you a lot. And DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR FACE before and AFTER bedtime (trust me..).

a) Nivea facial moisturizer

b) Myra facial moisturizer

3) I also use revitalizing lotion on my face.

4) I also try to soak my face onto a basin of COLD water for 15 minutes (pero putol-putol kasi wala ako snorkel eh…hehehe!). This helps me achieve a pore-less effect skin… (a good thing to do before applying your make-up).

5) A good choice of a perfect toner will make your face oil-fee.

6) Pimples are women’s mortal enemy, and we can get say bu-bye to them. You may try applying RHEA SALICYLIC ACID (you can grab this from any mercury drug store, this costs less than 100.php ata) Just wash your face (btw, just use the tips of your fingers when washing your face), apply this Rhea S.Acid on your pimples and ta-da! J You may apply this 2-3x a day, it stings though! J After a few days, your pimples will get dried-up, and then will peel, DON’T FORGET TO SAY BU-BYE..joke! (amazing). Now, you’re not finish yet… You don’t want to leave acne spots after using Rhea Salicylid Acid so you may try using SYNALAR 25 CREAM (available in any drug store too), just use this before your pimples get completely healed. This cream will leave no pimple marks or traces. Thanks to Ms. RoyAnne btw! J

These are the products that work for me.. they work just fine. But each one of us has different skin type, so you might want to consider giving your derma a visit first. J

Sana I can do something about the skin asthma I have on my arms.. Jhehe! Been trying VCO for 4 days now….:)

How To Deal With Difficult People At Work? by: Vinay Spandey

22 Nov

>How To Deal With Difficult People At Work?
From: Vinay Spandey

In an office, you encounter a lot of different people. You become friends with some of them, admire some and regard some as nice colleagues. However, there is another section of people, those you find difficult to tolerate and being civilized with whom demands much of your patience. In an office, you have to cooperate with everyone, even those whom you do not like at all, in order to be productive. So, it is better to lean a few tricks that will help you in dealing with difficult people. It will not only make your work more enjoyable, but also calm down your blood pressure. Read on to know how to deal with difficult people at work!

1) Chatterer
Let us start the conversation by talking about the most sociable person in the office – the chatterbox. That person is quite friendly and was probably the first person that made you feel at ease in the office. The only problem is that his/her chatter sometimes interferes with your work too much. Since such a colleague is usually harmless, it is best to be polite. Just tell him/her that you love to hear her talk, but the problem is that you have poor concentration and the engaging conversation seems to take you completely off your work.

2) Big Mouth
The big mouth of the office is often disliked, yet courted, by people. This is because almost everyone wants to listen to others gossip, but do not want themselves to be talked about. Talking to such a colleague is not bad, since he/she will tell you about all the recent happenings in office. The problem is that the gossip is never fully true. So, it is advisable to listen to the big mouth, but not be affected by the gossip and never ever offer your own views. At the same time, if the gossip is about someones personal problems, it is better to ignore.

3) Whiner
So you have come across the whiner, who feels that things never go right in his/her life. If it is not his/her personal life, it is the office environment, the boss, or the colleagues, and so on. Though the problems might be genuine also, the too much complaining puts you off. Most of the time, such a person never looks for advice. All he/she wants is an outlet to let off the steam. It is better to change the subject subtly, whenever the whiner starts the long list of complaints. Make sure that this does not sound too obvious.

4) Shirker
In every office, you will definitely find people who try to give as much of their work to their colleagues, as possible. In a team, sharing work is a very common phenomenon and you should be willing participate in it. But, if you already have your hands full, it will be almost impossible to do other peoples work. Especially if your colleague is one of those who do not want to do work, even if they can do it, it is better to politely turn down the request. Tell them that the boss has already given you much work to do.

5) Credit Grabber
Credit Grabber is a person who takes helps from others, but never acknowledges their contribution. Such a person always tries to take the sole credit for a work that involves a group. If by any chance, you happen to work with such a person, politely mention that he/she forgot to tell about your contribution, especially if it has happened for the first time. In case it happens, again, take it upon yourself to make others aware of your part in the project. In the end, try to avoid working with such a person as much as you can.

6) Aggressive People
You will find many aggressive people in your office and it is better if you know how to handle them. Whenever they explode, they expect people to either retreat or get angry. The best option will be do none of these things. Just let such a person say whatever he wants to say and to let off his steam. After he/she has cooled down a bit and has become normal, give your own views, politely but firmly.

7) Mocker
A mocker is an individual who loves taking potshots at others. Funny put-downs, sarcastic comments, critical looks and cynical undertones are some of the usual tricks used by such people to make others feel insulted. The problem with such people is that the moment you accuse them of laughing at you, they will reply back something like I was just joking. The best way to deal with such people is to say something like, I did not think that was funny or Do I look amused? while smiling all the while.

General Guidelines
1. Never be rude or aggressive with troublesome people, it will only make matters worse.
2. Never ever try to change such people. You will only tire yourself, since trying will lead to no result.
3. Try to ignore difficult people as much as you can. It is one of the best ways to deal with them.
4. If things get out of hand, it is better to approach your senior and let him know all about the problem. However, keep this as the last resort.

Marumaru’s Takoyaki Balls

21 Nov


As I always say, “I’m in love with Japanese Food”! 🙂 So my strict diet won’t stop me from eating… they’re good and healthy btw. 🙂

Our office’s cafeteria opened a new snack stall called-Marumaru- a Japanese food corner. I checked their menu and I felt very excited to try em’ all.

Last night, I started their menu with the takoyaki balls (octopus balls, but others use squid). I tried the lightest order (3 pcs./36.00php). It tasted good, but not good as the previous takoyakis I had before.

The squids they used weren’t fresh and that was why it tasted “malansa”, but the seasoning and the sauce were perfect, I loved the ginger flakes spread all over ’em.

I’ll definitely the rest of their menus.. 🙂 (heard their makis are good..)


20 Nov


  • ..i am addicted to jap food, and even want to learn how to cook ’em.
  • ..i also want to learn the BENTO thing.
  • ..Bento basically means Lunch Box; or a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.
  • ..i want to learn more about it…so I surf the net everyday before I prepare for work.
  • ..I will definitely try making my own Bento…SOON..meanwhile, I need to learn the basics.
  • ..Here’s one of the links I always visit.
  • ..For those people who are into “bento-makin”, please let me know where to buy these rice shapers, cutters, and whatnot. 🙂
  • ..xmas is near..pde na din gift. hahaha! 🙂
..i got the pictures from the internet. 🙂

Skin Asthma

19 Nov


I have skin asthma on my arms and it’s been killing me. It looks sooo dry and as if I have big birthmarks on my both arms. I can’t wear short-sleeved shirts, and I feel shy whenever people look at ’em. (pero salamat at sa braso lang)

I consulted 2 dermatologist already and tried many ointments and lotion but nothing worked for me (sad). I made an online research and found out that Virgin Coconut Oil would cure the skin asthma and so I asked my mom to buy me a bottle of this TheraHerb VCO.

I’ll try it tonight after a warm shower. 🙂 Wish me luck! 🙂

Will blog about the result…:)