Walang Masamang Mag-tanong at Mangulit :)

14 Nov


It won’t hurt to ask and bug someone (sa wikang ingles)… lalo na kung maliligaw ka na.. LOL.

November 9, 2009 (a week ago), despite of my health issues, I had to go to the DFA for my personal appearance, yup to FINALLY get a hold of the controversial Pilipinas Passport.

I always make boo-boos with directions and places. I don’t know how to go to one place from another. Believe it or not, I can even count the number of times I’ve been to the MRT-13x; and 3x with the LRT…-a disadvantage of a Quezon City Gal who went to qc-based schools. 🙂 LOL.

I drive but because I am not familiar with places and directions, I can’t drive anywhere…unless I have someone on the passenger’s seat to guide me.LOL.

Mabalik sa DFA… Since DFA is somewhere in Pasay (uber layo from our place), I had to really ask my BFF, mom, and sister the different routes I should follow, the scary part was- I had to go there alone..(may pasok lahat ng pwedeng sumama sa akin); but the wise decision I made was- to just leave the car at home…(uber layo,,, heavy traffic killed my back and butt,,,so sayang sa gas).

Two days before the “DFA Experience”, I asked my mom if she’d be able to go with me, but she had to go somewhere, so I didn’t bother her na. But she attempted to teach me the directions though. She taught me the Quiapo way.

mom: “sasakay ka lang ng FX nakalagay Quiapo Ilalim, sa kanto may FX na”

ako: “tapos Ma, ano sasabihin ko?”
mom: “sabihin mo lang sa Quiapo”
ako: “eh Ma, paano ko malalaman pag Quiapo na?”
mom: “doon sa Quiapo church”

ako (naduwag maligaw): “mama ‘huwag na lang yan, wala na bang iba?”

mom: yon lang alam ko.

ako: “okay, wait lang ma, text ko si ate mavic, baka alam niya.

so that’s what I did, I asked my BFF (BFF stands for best friends forever,wala akong BF…lol)- my ate mavic a different route. She taught me the Baclaran way. Which I found more convenient..(kahit hindi ko alam kung saan doon). lol.

I got up at 5:00am that day, my mom even got worried because it was already late for a 9:30am schedule. 😦 My mom was so sweet to take me to the sakayan, I saw the Baclaran bus and got its attention. I was lucky and got a comfy seat.

konduktor: “ma’am saan po?”
jam: “kuya, dadaan po ba kayo ng DFA”
konduktor: “naku ma’am hindi po, hanggang Harrison po, pwede kayo sumakay doon”.

jam: “o sige po, kuya favor naman, paki sabihan po ako kapag Harrison na kasi po 1st
time ko lang po pupunta doon. Thank you! Mag-kano po pala?
konduktor: “sige po ma’am” 70 pesos po.

jam: I really didn’t quite hear the amount he said, I thought he said 17 pesos, so I gave
him 20 pesos.
konduktor: ma’am 70 pesos po, malapit na po yun sa Baclaran.

jam: “ay kuya, sorry,,, akala ko 17 pesos po sinabi niyo”.

I got my ipod and put the earphones on. After 1 hour, I noticed that we were still along East avenue, I moved the curtains and saw the heavy traffic, and it was terrible that it ended at Edsa Mega mall. whhhesss!

I saw one signboard with the Mandaluyong word on it, so I got the earphones off my ears. I called the manong konduktor’s attention, and reminded him of his promise.LOL. (demanding).

I stood up and moved forward, 10 seats ahead. The manong konduktor shouted “bay..merong harrison bay! So the bus stopped and the driver was so nice to point out the direction going to DFA, he said that I had to take one more ride. I said my thanks to them and got off the bus.

I walked a few steps from the footbridge and this jeepney with its signboard-DFA. Even if it was already obvious, I still asked the manong driver if he’d be nice to drop me off in front of DFA’s pavement…and he did!

Yehey! I finally arrived! It was like an achievement for me. I went to Jollibee to grab a large-sized pineapple juice. Nakakauhaw kaya! 🙂

Salamat sa lahat ng tumulong! 🙂


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