15 Nov

Hello world, hallo Philippines! 🙂

Last night, I saw a weighing scale so I stepped on it and got my current weight-180lbs.

I am still overweight by 60lbs but I know I’ll make it to 120lbs before my birthday comes! 🙂

I’ve been overweight since Highschool. I loved to eat and I never felt conscious with how I looked like and what other people said and thought about my excess baggage. I felt happy and lucky whenever my cheeks turned red naturally because of the baby fats I had (and still have) in em’.

Being fat for 25 years now has been part of my daily life…and it never stops me from doing things that other people do, and it doesn’t hinder me from achieving my dreams and goals that lean people may have. Fat people are normal, for me, we are like cherubs with floppy cheeks, huge tummies, short and stout legs and arms especially made by God to make other people happy- btw, it is true that fat people have good sense of humor. 🙂

One more thing, it is not true that Big people lack attention and love…uhm physically? Yes, because we are attracted to people with beautiful bodies and faces (I must admit), but WE ARE STILL AFTER one’s personality.

Feeling good about myself is never an issue for me…not at all. I even don’t care what other people say because I always keep in mind that each one of us is beautiful and special in the eyes of God-and that what matters.

So why are you trimming down (if you may ask)? -health! Yes, only because of my health. I’ve been getting sick for the past 6 months. I still want to have my own family in the future so it’s about time to become healthy and physically fit than to be sorry.

I’ve lost 55 lbs already. I am still overweight BUT with self-discipline and patience, I know I’ll get my ideal weight in time 🙂

–check my previous blogs to know where my health condition stands now.–

“Physical attraction is very important but it doesn’t tell us the inner beauty a person has- jam ticzon”.


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