i-sken teps :)

25 Nov


Many people have been asking me- what are the things I use or put on my face because it looks different (sabi nila makinis daw..hehehe)? So here are the things I do.

1) I’ve been using Papaya soap (since grade 4), now, I found this papaya soap with the most famous ingredient-Kojic Acid. I use it now, but it makes my face dry so I also wash my face with a very mild soap (I prefer the Liquid Johnson & Johnson’s Milk Bath). I also use this milk bath all over my body… it smells sooo good… promise! J

2) I never forget to put moisturizer on my face before I sleep and before I go to bed. Here are the best moisturizers that won’t cost you a lot. And DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR FACE before and AFTER bedtime (trust me..).

a) Nivea facial moisturizer

b) Myra facial moisturizer

3) I also use revitalizing lotion on my face.

4) I also try to soak my face onto a basin of COLD water for 15 minutes (pero putol-putol kasi wala ako snorkel eh…hehehe!). This helps me achieve a pore-less effect skin… (a good thing to do before applying your make-up).

5) A good choice of a perfect toner will make your face oil-fee.

6) Pimples are women’s mortal enemy, and we can get say bu-bye to them. You may try applying RHEA SALICYLIC ACID (you can grab this from any mercury drug store, this costs less than 100.php ata) Just wash your face (btw, just use the tips of your fingers when washing your face), apply this Rhea S.Acid on your pimples and ta-da! J You may apply this 2-3x a day, it stings though! J After a few days, your pimples will get dried-up, and then will peel, DON’T FORGET TO SAY BU-BYE..joke! (amazing). Now, you’re not finish yet… You don’t want to leave acne spots after using Rhea Salicylid Acid so you may try using SYNALAR 25 CREAM (available in any drug store too), just use this before your pimples get completely healed. This cream will leave no pimple marks or traces. Thanks to Ms. RoyAnne btw! J

These are the products that work for me.. they work just fine. But each one of us has different skin type, so you might want to consider giving your derma a visit first. J

Sana I can do something about the skin asthma I have on my arms.. Jhehe! Been trying VCO for 4 days now….:)


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