My Christmas WishLIST! :)

26 Nov


My 2009 wishlist! J These are simple things but I really don’t know where to get ’em. L

I want to make my wishlist simple this year. We all know that many of our fellowmen lost their homes and loved ones because of the typhoons, killings, and etc. I wish them God’s grace and guidance! J

I really don’t know how to call this but this is a sandwich box. This one is so cute (made in Japan). I want to make my own health sandwich every time I go to work. Healthy na mura pa. This one is better than sandwich plastic bags because this will keep your sandwich fresh. J

I also want to have Bento accessories. The ones I can use for rice shaping, veggies/fruits cutter, basta lahat ng pwedeng magamit for a beautiful bento. J

and syempre a bento won’t be possible without a bento box. J I want a 2-layer bento box.. (lunch box). Something that is spill-proof and will keep my food fresh. Sa Japan daw super dami pagpipilian since Bento started in Japan. (sana may japan store ditto sa Philippines). I see bento accessories and boxes at online stores, they really don’t cost a lot but the shipping and handling fee will make ’em expensive which is not very practical. J Sana matuloy kami sa Hong Kong next year.. hehehe.. kahit hindi Japan yun baka meron dun… J

This may not be that simple… pero I really want to have one. This is really not that expensive pero ditto siguro sa Philippines mahal siya. I want to learn how to cook different waffles… I love waffles kasi. (The second photo is the second photo is the Totally Pancakes & Waffles Cookbook by Helene Siegel (1996, Paperback)

I want I want sushi rolls! This one is the bamboo sushi mat. I always want to learn and make these delicious rice rolls but I don’t have this bamboo mat. (saan ba nakakabili nito?).

A Takoyaki maker too. J

 I am in love with Japanese food. These cookbooks will definitely make my Christmas.

These are the things I really want to have before year 2010 comes. I want to learn and make my own food. I just believe that the food you cook yourself is healthier than those you buy over the counters. Mas mura pa..:)


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