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Diet na din si Heaven :)

26 Dec


This morning, while I was FB+ing, I noticed Heaven-the spoiled chihuahua kept walking around the kitchen. I thought she was just hungry so Mom and I gave her spaghetti and cheese…she loved ’em. After the meal we gave, she looked at us with her tearful eyes and continued to walk but would stop every after lapses and would sat on the floor- which bothered me, that was something unusual for her (she was trained to sit on the bed, or the couch and not on the floor). I knew there was something wrong with her, and I assumed that her legs were part of it.

Heaven is literally overweight… (chihuahuas are the smallest AKC breed dogs so far) so I know if Heaven goes beyond her weight. She eats what we eat at home, so what do I expect? hehehe πŸ™‚

I felt worried so I surfed the net and looked for some facts I could get to understand our Heaven’s condition.


This is a long-lived breed, often achieving 16 or more years of age. However, there are some genetic diseases that can cause problems. Like most toy breeds, the Chihuahua is susceptible to slipped stifles (a knee injury caused by joint weakness) and fractures and may suffer from jawbone disorders, eye problems, heart disease, and tooth and gum complaints. The potential for some of these problems can be minimized by buying from a breeder who tests breeding stock for inheritable problems and by careful management. For example, Chihuahuas should not be allowed to jump off high furniture or out of your arms as the impact on landing could fracture a leg. Children should not be allowed to carry a Chihuahua or to play roughly with one for the same reason.

The Chihuahua is also born with a soft spot on the top of his head that may not fully close, so a blow here could kill him.

The Chihuahua tendency to shiver or tremble is not a health issue but takes place when the dog is excited or stressed. One explanation is the toy dogs have a higher metabolism and so dissipate body heat faster than larger dogs. Shivering helps to generate body heat – that’s why people shiver when we are cold. However, rapid dissipation of body heat is a distinct disadvantage in cool or cold climates, so Chihuahuas should always be protected when taken outdoors in these areas. Fortunately, there are dozens of styles of protective sweaters available.

so I guess we have to watch Heaven’s diet from this day on… nakakaawa naman kasi kung hindi bigyan ng favorite niya.. pero It’s better than losing her.

Heaven, diet na tayo parehas or parehas tayo hindi makakalakad… Ü
Goodbye cheese ka na…:) love you!


Meli Klismas! :)

24 Dec

>Pasko na bukas! πŸ™‚

Makulit daw ako sabi ng mga doctors ko :)

17 Dec

>Been surfing the net lately for body exercises (losing weight also means firming or toning your muscles). I just hate how my arms and thighs look now, they are flabby and I want to tone them BUT I need to be careful, not all exercises fit my condition. I need to always consider my disc disease.

I consulted my doctors several times, and they said NO! (napagalitan pa ako..) 😦 Except for light upper body exercises to tone my arm muscles..but all should be done with the used of a chair with a firm back rest where I can lean my back. A pair of dumbbells (5 lbs each) wil help me, for sure! πŸ™‚ i want the pink ones..

I just can’t wait to get over with this illness. I want to jog, do boxing, swimming, and learn to play tennis. I know it’s not too late to become hearty!
AJA!Ü sooo excited! πŸ™‚

check this site and see how it works!Ü (you must register 1.2.3 and viola!)

My EMG Experience

16 Dec

>Just got home from the hospital.. The day was tiring- my EMG experience drained my energy.

The procedure encompassed of two parts. The first part was the insertion of the needle into my back, legs and feet. It was painful but tolerable. My doctor confirmed that the right side of my L5-S1 disc also showed bulging. The second part killed me, it made me cry to death. I couldn’t tolerate the electric shock that lasted for about 40 minutes. I cried hard and just held my ate loreta’s arm to lessen the pain or at least share the pain with her (hehehe, joking).

The results are not good- but still manageable (Thank God). The right side of L5-S1 disc also shows herniation that leads to the degeneration of some of my nerve cells. That’s the reason why I feel severe back pain and numbness that radiates from my back and hips, down to my thighs, knees, legs, and toes.

Because of this, I need to go back to the rehabilitation treatment, and this time, it will be thrice a week. After the therapy, they will have my lumbar spine MRI-ed (for the third time), in preparation for the surgical procedure that will be done in Feb or March 2010.

Now, I need to lose more pounds, continue with my oral meds, and never forget to thank God for all the good things that have been happening to me and my family. Dealing with my sickness has been very hard for me, but like what I always say in my previous blogs- I STILL CONSIDER MYSELF LUCKY because God never fails to guide me with His loving hands. There are many things in life to be grateful for… I still breathe and that’s enough reason for me to be happy and thankful.

Papa Jesus, I always trust you. I am and will always be grateful for Your love. May you also continue guiding those people who are also facing health concerns. May they feel your presence all the time. Please give them and their families the strength and courage to face their worries, after all, You are always their watching and protecting us. Amen.

The Kiss That Made Me Cry (the kiss I wouldn’t mind forgetting)

16 Dec

>I always want to stay positive on things that have been happening to me and my health lately…as I always say, everything is manageable, but what I if my condition gets worse, will I be able to walk? hay..

Last night, I took 2 capsules of Advil (sum of 1000mg). I wanted to just dump the pain away. The pain kissed my back, down to hips, to my thighs, knees, and toes. I cried :(.  The kiss was not sweet as a real kiss tastes….and it was a kiss that I wouldn’t want to have again.
The capsules didn’t work but my tears did–yes…I felt asleep while I was crying and forgot about the pain.

I want to get well soon. I want to stay positive all the time, but the pain I’ve been having makes me feel nervous, it scares me to death, and it makes me wonder where I’ll be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on,,, and so forth. It makes me paranoid-in short! 😦

Time to go back to the hospital now for my EMG.

What to Give or What to Eat?

13 Dec


Can’t think of anything to give to your monito or monita or anything to bring for a pitch-in-party (potluck) this Christmas season?? hmmmm pastries or cakes na lang from the best pastry shops will save you from worries. πŸ™‚

My ate hazel just sent me a text message, she was asking for a good pastry shop where she could grab something for a gift.

I thought of Estrel’s (their mouthwatering Caramel Cake-first photo), but according to her, their neighbor would buy from that shop already so she wouldn’t want to overload her friend’s home with Estrel’s cakes… hehehe!

And then, Conti’s (not a pastry shop though) that offers the best cakes in town (too) poked my head, but I didn’t mind suggesting it to her…hehehe kasi nasa timog siya.. wawa naman punta pa ng Trinoma. (But their Mango Bravo is the best! -second photo).

My ate hazel lives along Quezon Avenue, her home is near Pantranco which is somewhere in Roces na din (tama ba… sorry mahina ako sa directions). –With that in mind, I suggested-The Chocolate Kiss Cafe (I soooo love their Sans Rival-third photo). Pero they ended-up buying from Nathaniel’s… :)) (ate hazel, ireregalo mo ba yan? tikman mo din. hehehe, then let me know soon kung ano lasa, tapos dalhin mo ako dun..)

(disclosure: the photos are not mine. these are “googled” for this blog entry use only)

Na-touched po ako sa Ipod-touch! :)

2 Dec


Yehey my daddy just bought these Ipod Touch units for me and my twinsister. πŸ™‚ (thanks a lot daddy!).
I am so happy and can’t wait to literally touch my ipod-touch… hehehe! πŸ™‚ With it, it’ll be easier for me to access my blog and other networking sites because of its wi-fi option. I mean, it’s handy so wherever I go, as long as a wi-fi connection is present…I’ll be able to access the net. yahoo! πŸ™‚ It has a built-in speaker too which is a good thing for me who’s in love with music. I can’t wait to download my favorite movies and e-books too..:) yehey.. recipes recipes!! :)) I don’t have it on hand yet..and I can’t wait for that day!

Here are the photos of the units my dad bought. He took photos of em’ because my twinsister and I are just sooo excited. (hehehe, he put our picture in em’, c/o our facebook accounts)

What matters most, it is a gift from the most important man in my life.. from my daddy! πŸ™‚ I am excited to see you soon! I love you daddy… so much! πŸ™‚ mmmmwah!

(btw, I am selling my 4G apple ipod nano, good as brand new..) hehehe! I have no choice but to let go of it..:) Just send me a message. πŸ™‚
here are the photos πŸ™‚