My EMG Experience

16 Dec

>Just got home from the hospital.. The day was tiring- my EMG experience drained my energy.

The procedure encompassed of two parts. The first part was the insertion of the needle into my back, legs and feet. It was painful but tolerable. My doctor confirmed that the right side of my L5-S1 disc also showed bulging. The second part killed me, it made me cry to death. I couldn’t tolerate the electric shock that lasted for about 40 minutes. I cried hard and just held my ate loreta’s arm to lessen the pain or at least share the pain with her (hehehe, joking).

The results are not good- but still manageable (Thank God). The right side of L5-S1 disc also shows herniation that leads to the degeneration of some of my nerve cells. That’s the reason why I feel severe back pain and numbness that radiates from my back and hips, down to my thighs, knees, legs, and toes.

Because of this, I need to go back to the rehabilitation treatment, and this time, it will be thrice a week. After the therapy, they will have my lumbar spine MRI-ed (for the third time), in preparation for the surgical procedure that will be done in Feb or March 2010.

Now, I need to lose more pounds, continue with my oral meds, and never forget to thank God for all the good things that have been happening to me and my family. Dealing with my sickness has been very hard for me, but like what I always say in my previous blogs- I STILL CONSIDER MYSELF LUCKY because God never fails to guide me with His loving hands. There are many things in life to be grateful for… I still breathe and that’s enough reason for me to be happy and thankful.

Papa Jesus, I always trust you. I am and will always be grateful for Your love. May you also continue guiding those people who are also facing health concerns. May they feel your presence all the time. Please give them and their families the strength and courage to face their worries, after all, You are always their watching and protecting us. Amen.


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