The Kiss That Made Me Cry (the kiss I wouldn’t mind forgetting)

16 Dec

>I always want to stay positive on things that have been happening to me and my health lately…as I always say, everything is manageable, but what I if my condition gets worse, will I be able to walk? hay..

Last night, I took 2 capsules of Advil (sum of 1000mg). I wanted to just dump the pain away. The pain kissed my back, down to hips, to my thighs, knees, and toes. I cried :(.  The kiss was not sweet as a real kiss tastes….and it was a kiss that I wouldn’t want to have again.
The capsules didn’t work but my tears did–yes…I felt asleep while I was crying and forgot about the pain.

I want to get well soon. I want to stay positive all the time, but the pain I’ve been having makes me feel nervous, it scares me to death, and it makes me wonder where I’ll be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on,,, and so forth. It makes me paranoid-in short! 😦

Time to go back to the hospital now for my EMG.


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