Makulit daw ako sabi ng mga doctors ko :)

17 Dec

>Been surfing the net lately for body exercises (losing weight also means firming or toning your muscles). I just hate how my arms and thighs look now, they are flabby and I want to tone them BUT I need to be careful, not all exercises fit my condition. I need to always consider my disc disease.

I consulted my doctors several times, and they said NO! (napagalitan pa ako..) 😦 Except for light upper body exercises to tone my arm muscles..but all should be done with the used of a chair with a firm back rest where I can lean my back. A pair of dumbbells (5 lbs each) wil help me, for sure! 🙂 i want the pink ones..

I just can’t wait to get over with this illness. I want to jog, do boxing, swimming, and learn to play tennis. I know it’s not too late to become hearty!
AJA!Ü sooo excited! 🙂

check this site and see how it works!Ü (you must register 1.2.3 and viola!)


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