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Buti na lang…Thank God!

30 Jan

>Been hearing news about my ex-boyfriend. It is very sad to know that he hasn’t changed and learned from his mistakes yet. He still deals with things that committed people shouldn’t be doing. It’s better not to hear anything about him, but we have common friends who tell me stories. His wife also gets in touch with me at times to ask for advices. (She knows that I was in her shoes before-and again that was before—never ever again).

Nobody is perfect (totoo naman).We have all negative bits. And in fairness to him-my ex, he owns a good heart, however, this isn’t enough for him to be faithful. Maybe he just doesn’t know how. I don’t have any idea too.

The news got me thinking and thanking.. thanking God. I just couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I didn’t choose to leave him-my ex. That decision wasn’t not easy (I guess this applies to MOST of us), however, God gave me the courage to take the right path where He wanted me to stay. I surpassed all the trials along that path because of Him… Thank God!

Decision-making is part of our daily lives-which way to go, what to wear, who to date, what to eat, what and where to buy stuff, to go further or not,,, and more..and at times, decision-making becomes a daily challenge too. It even takes a lot of thinking before we get a hold of a decision to make, and sometimes, we don’t even stick to it.- see how hard it is.

My tip for the day: when deciding-don’t always consider what your heart tells you. It’s better if you let your mind help your confused heart. You don’t decide using you mind alone too. Well.. Mind and Heart are always better together.

how about praying? If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to do or which way to go, or whatever it is (simple or not), You can always ask for God’s guidance. He definitely knows what’s best for you (for all of us). You can talk to him anytime! 😀


Prayer for families

25 Jan


I saw this prayer on my Tita Tess’ Facebook.

My Tita Tess and Tito Bobot who are happily married for many years now. They have four loving children, and three of them have their own wonderful families now. Growing and happy family..:)


Prayer For Families

God, Our Father, loving and merciful, bring together and keep all families in perfect unity of love and mutual spport. Infuse in each memeber the spirit of understanding, forbearance, and affection for each other. Keep quarrels, bitterness, and pettiness far from them, and for their occasional failures instill forgiveness and peace.


May the mutual love and affection of parents be a source of loving obedience and discipline. May their chastity and fidelity be an inspiration to their children. Instill in children such self-respect that they may respect others, obey their parents and those in authority and grow in mature independence and the tender joys of friendship.


Make the mututal affection and respect of families a sign of Christian life here and hereafter, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

I’M GLAD i didn’t stay.. :)

23 Jan

>I went out last night with my relatives. I had a full blast and had a loooong night.
The night-out ended at 2:00am but I and my cousin-in-law (to be) decided to go to Starbucks first and waited for my cousin. So I left at 3:30am.

Before the night-out, my lola and aunties were asking me to stay and sleep there. I was hesitant because I knew that I’d have to get up early the next day. And I’m glad I didn’t stay.. why?
So at 3:30am, I drove from timog to lagro (btw, I’m used to late driving—blame it to my work schedule..hehehe). The travel time was like 20-30 minutes supposedly, BUT when I was two streets away from home (yup sa loob na ng lagro subdivision where I live), I saw a man soaked with his own blood with his motorcycle’s lights blinking. I was the only person who had ways to help the poor man (buong lagro, tulog pa), I knew I had to do something. I slowed down, and hit my car’s hazard button. I locked my doors and checked what was happening. I didn’t get off the car (madami na modus ngayon..mahirap na). I wanted to help the man or at least ask for help. The man wasn’t moving, he was helpless. I continued driving and went to our Baranggay hall. The tanods weren’t outside, and again, I didn’t want to get off the car for my own safety. I buzzed three times and finally the tanods went out. I opened the window and told them the story- that I saw this unconscious man on the street where I just passed by. They hurriedly got their tricycle and went to the place. They asked me to follow, which I did (I know one of the tanods, kaya hindi na ako natakot). I brought my car with me and followed them. We parked our vehicles just near the place where I saw the man. One of the tanods tried to wake the man up. Luckily, the man replied “okay lang ako mga bro…nasemplang lang ako..”. The tanods found out that this man was drunk. They had to help the him to get up. He had bruises everywhere and his blood was dripping from his forehead. The tanods wanted to bring him to the nearest hospital but the man refused and said that he just lives nearby. He was brought to the Baranggay hall so he could rest. The man was introduced to me by one of the tanods, they even said  “oh kuya siya nakakita sayo walang malay tao diyan sa kalsada”. I didn’t say anything.. I knew he wouldn’t understand a word or two. He was so drunk that he fell off his motorcyle and slept on the street with his blood dripping—(pinaka lasing na sa mga lasing na nakita ko..). The tanods asked for my name and where I live and they assisted me home. They were very grateful that I took my time to help the man.

I arrived home at 4:30 am. Took a shower, got on the bed, and said a little prayer. I knew God sent me home safe to help this man so he could go home safe to his own family too.

God is good all the time! 🙂

sayang.. di ko nakuhanan ng picture.. joke..:)


23 Jan

>Been single for more than two years now and I’m very happy knowing that my family and friends are always with me.
The moving-on process wasn’t dami ba naman ng nangyari. (Like what I always say- Life goes on.. and everyday is different and we make our own choices everyday). Kaya that day I decided to move forward—and I’m glad I did! 🙂
Sabi nila-Start it with the memories left- like photos, scrap, etc. Pero hindi naman ata lage ganoon. I was browsing my multiply and noticed a few albums of my previous relationship. I didn’t think twice and just hit the “delete” button.
We’re okay.. hindi kami galit pero that doesn’t give me a reason to keep the photos. Respect na din sa wife at baby niya. Sorry if now ko lang po nabura.. ngayon ko lang din napansin. The photos were saved/upload like 3 years ago pa po.

deleted albums.. 🙂

adobong babski + cucumber salad ala jam

19 Jan

>Our Manang Loreta didn’t come to work today because she had to attend to urgent family matters. I was home alone and was the punong-abala of our humble abode. I washed the dishes, fed the dogs, cleaned their mess, and the last thing I did-was prepared the dinner. In short, I was the maid for the day- I enjoyed it though… hindi ako na-bored.. 🙂
I cooked adobong baboy with egg and prepared cucumber salad too. Kainan na! Ü

Windows Live writer

19 Jan


I was looking for some movie maker downloads or add-ons and found out this new Windows Live Writer. I knew it would be very helpful for my blog and so I got it.

This is the first entry. It’s cool because it allows me to link my blogspot directly.

Here’s the screen shot. try it, visit now!


Single Pero Mayka-Date :)

18 Jan


I’m single and very happy with what and who I have right now. I know that God has better plans for me and like what I always keep in mind- God is still writing my love story.. :) (uma-adlib pa.. ) 🙂

Meanwhile, I enjoy going out for lunch or dinner dates.. and this time, I go out with my friends, my mom, sisters, and colleagues. I love I love! 🙂

So I just went out and had a lunch-date with my mom. We went to smf’s Kenny Rogers and munched-in their juicy chicken, fresh fruit salad, macaroni&cheese, muffins, and rice… we didn’t enjoy their Iced tea though… ang pait! hehehe! 😀