I’M GLAD i didn’t stay.. :)

23 Jan

>I went out last night with my relatives. I had a full blast and had a loooong night.
The night-out ended at 2:00am but I and my cousin-in-law (to be) decided to go to Starbucks first and waited for my cousin. So I left at 3:30am.

Before the night-out, my lola and aunties were asking me to stay and sleep there. I was hesitant because I knew that I’d have to get up early the next day. And I’m glad I didn’t stay.. why?
So at 3:30am, I drove from timog to lagro (btw, I’m used to late driving—blame it to my work schedule..hehehe). The travel time was like 20-30 minutes supposedly, BUT when I was two streets away from home (yup sa loob na ng lagro subdivision where I live), I saw a man soaked with his own blood with his motorcycle’s lights blinking. I was the only person who had ways to help the poor man (buong lagro, tulog pa), I knew I had to do something. I slowed down, and hit my car’s hazard button. I locked my doors and checked what was happening. I didn’t get off the car (madami na modus ngayon..mahirap na). I wanted to help the man or at least ask for help. The man wasn’t moving, he was helpless. I continued driving and went to our Baranggay hall. The tanods weren’t outside, and again, I didn’t want to get off the car for my own safety. I buzzed three times and finally the tanods went out. I opened the window and told them the story- that I saw this unconscious man on the street where I just passed by. They hurriedly got their tricycle and went to the place. They asked me to follow, which I did (I know one of the tanods, kaya hindi na ako natakot). I brought my car with me and followed them. We parked our vehicles just near the place where I saw the man. One of the tanods tried to wake the man up. Luckily, the man replied “okay lang ako mga bro…nasemplang lang ako..”. The tanods found out that this man was drunk. They had to help the him to get up. He had bruises everywhere and his blood was dripping from his forehead. The tanods wanted to bring him to the nearest hospital but the man refused and said that he just lives nearby. He was brought to the Baranggay hall so he could rest. The man was introduced to me by one of the tanods, they even said  “oh kuya siya nakakita sayo walang malay tao diyan sa kalsada”. I didn’t say anything.. I knew he wouldn’t understand a word or two. He was so drunk that he fell off his motorcyle and slept on the street with his blood dripping—(pinaka lasing na sa mga lasing na nakita ko..). The tanods asked for my name and where I live and they assisted me home. They were very grateful that I took my time to help the man.

I arrived home at 4:30 am. Took a shower, got on the bed, and said a little prayer. I knew God sent me home safe to help this man so he could go home safe to his own family too.

God is good all the time! 🙂

sayang.. di ko nakuhanan ng picture.. joke..:)


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