Buti na lang…Thank God!

30 Jan

>Been hearing news about my ex-boyfriend. It is very sad to know that he hasn’t changed and learned from his mistakes yet. He still deals with things that committed people shouldn’t be doing. It’s better not to hear anything about him, but we have common friends who tell me stories. His wife also gets in touch with me at times to ask for advices. (She knows that I was in her shoes before-and again that was before—never ever again).

Nobody is perfect (totoo naman).We have all negative bits. And in fairness to him-my ex, he owns a good heart, however, this isn’t enough for him to be faithful. Maybe he just doesn’t know how. I don’t have any idea too.

The news got me thinking and thanking.. thanking God. I just couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I didn’t choose to leave him-my ex. That decision wasn’t not easy (I guess this applies to MOST of us), however, God gave me the courage to take the right path where He wanted me to stay. I surpassed all the trials along that path because of Him… Thank God!

Decision-making is part of our daily lives-which way to go, what to wear, who to date, what to eat, what and where to buy stuff, to go further or not,,, and more..and at times, decision-making becomes a daily challenge too. It even takes a lot of thinking before we get a hold of a decision to make, and sometimes, we don’t even stick to it.- see how hard it is.

My tip for the day: when deciding-don’t always consider what your heart tells you. It’s better if you let your mind help your confused heart. You don’t decide using you mind alone too. Well.. Mind and Heart are always better together.

how about praying? If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to do or which way to go, or whatever it is (simple or not), You can always ask for God’s guidance. He definitely knows what’s best for you (for all of us). You can talk to him anytime! 😀


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