I Learned ‘Em Over time :)

3 Feb

>When I was in a relationship, I hadn’t gotten used to “doing things without him”. As what I have mentioned in my previous blogs- I WAS someone who wouldn’t dare to go to malls alone; couldn’t dine-in alone; couldn’t even get my requirements (IDs, NBI clearance, and whatnot) all by myself. And the worst thing was- I felt lost when I decided to leave because I knew that it would be very hard for me to do stuff without him. 

Well… this worst thing turned out to be my focal point, from which I started. I knew things wouldn’t be the same (Thank God), and I had to do something about it so I could live my own life all over again. And Ta-da.. I learned it over time! 🙂

This is the catch– not the one above.. hehehe! 🙂 Go on… read.. 🙂 

I CAN now go the mall alone, and mind you I enjoy it… It’s better though if I have my FRIENDS or FAMILY with me (emphasis on that please..).

Yesterday, I went to S.M. Fairview to buy some things. I arrived at 12:00 noon. I walked around and buy things I needed. I enjoyed the walk especially the fact that no one bugged me to do things swiftly. After that, I went to the parlor to have my hair trimmed but my stlylist wasn’t there so I just decided to have my finger nails and toe nails polished- I love their new polish- Glaze Ash..simple and cute. hehehe! From the parlor, I wanted to watch a movie (had been waiting for it- Did You Hear About The Morgans?), so I went to the list and check the next slot. I had like more than an hour to stroll before the next window. I didn’t like to eat because I had a fine breakfast before I left home, so I just went to Starbucks to grab a cup of VC, a slice of chocolate cake, and just read a book. It was my first time to sit in a coffee nook alone- and I loved it- my mind was kept focused on the book I was reading, my favorite cream-based drink, and a not-so-sweet cake=a peaceful bliss. hehehe! 🙂 OA! My time was up, so I placed a bookmark in the book, kept it along with my other stuff, and walked out. I bought a ticket and went to Movie House No. 1 where the movie was on. I looked for a comfy seat and relished the movie.:) The  movie ended at 4:45. I went to the comfort room and put some powder and lip gloss on, went out and had a sigh and said “It had been better with my family or friends”…but they were all busy (ako lang naman ang naka-LOA..hehehe). I felt a bit nostalgic about it, but I knew that I just ended the day fine. 

Things can be learned overtime.. 🙂

Pahabol no. 1: I missed home so I bought pasalubong for my sisters and mom (daddy, I wished you were here when they were choosing what doughnuts to munch in). I grabbed a dozen of Krispy Creme’ doughnuts and brought ’em home. I saw smiles on my loves’ faces.. 🙂

Pahabol no. 2: when it comes to the requirement thingy– I also learned it over time. 🙂 I got my SSS and postal ID all by myself… 🙂
A round of applause for moi! 🙂

Hit the View Album link to view the photos.. 🙂


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