Itikoy Mo Na Lang Jam.. ^^.

16 Feb

>Well my day started at 5:00am… yep I got off the bed that early. I didn’t get a good sleep and just decided to get up.
So now that I am on LOA, my normal day starts in front of the pc- plurking, tumblring, facebooking, blogging, etc etc… basta everything in front of the pc lessens this boredom my ass has. (Lol).
So this morning, I sat in front of the pc all day (rest my back at times), and had fried tikoy for merienda.. šŸ™‚
I can’t wait for april 2.. I want to get back to work na..pero I have to be patient and deal with my health issues first.

.I am scheduled for a major surgical procedure on March 5. tapos..tapos na!
Thank God for the wonderful day… mababaw lang po ang pagiging bored..pero nagpapasalamat pa din ako sa lahat ng blessings na binibigay niyo everyday! šŸ™‚

Good night Philippines, Good night tumblr… tomorrow ulit! ^^.


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