It’s The Thought That Counts, not the chocolate ice cream… well..medyo…thank you po!

18 Feb


Hello blogspot, tumblr, and multiply! 🙂
I just stayed home the whole day. I was supposed to meet a friend to watch a movie but he had to attend an urgent meeting (SIGH…).
So I woke up at 5:00 am dahil sa alarm ng twinsister ko… super sakit din ng likod ko kaya I went back to the bed and slept for 2 more hours. I woke up at around 7:00am again but I just relaxed my back and didn’t get up til’ my special friend called in. After the short talk, I decided to get off the bed, went to the kitchen and prepared my own breakfast.. I wanted something sweet and easy to prepare… (hindi ko na inistorbo i kasambahay namin kasi naglalaba siya). So I got a pack of skyflakes, topped it with guava jam, then matched it with a cup of coffee na hindi masarap.. hehehe..iba pa rin timpla ni ate loretta! ^^.
While I was having my first meal for the day, my ate asked if I could help her with the powerpoint presentation she was making, so with just a few clicks, I finished the presentation…(I didn’t get what was the presentation all about though…..puro med terms… hehehe..kalerki!).
After I finished my coffee na hindi masarap, I turned on the pc and did a little “plurking” and “facebooking”. (hindi sa tapat ng pc nag-umpisa ang araw ko ngayon.. improving..hehe).
I took a shower then nagmadali manood nag Showtime. OWWWWW yessss I love Vice ganda… she/he makes me laugh everyday.. hindi ako mahilig manood ng TV pero—Vice ganda is simply amazing… everyday…she makes me wait for her show. 🙂 (keep it up vice).
After Showtime, I turned off the TV and turned on the lappy. I checked my e-mail, fb, plurk, tumblr, multiply, and blogspot. While I was surfing, our kasambahay gave me a cup of chocolate ice cream.. sabi niya galing daw sa kapitbahay…nakaka-touched na naalala nila ako bigyan…the best.. ang salap! 🙂
Bukas ulit!
While I tumblr…

This the cup of ice cream I got.. 🙂


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