Murneng Blog

20 Feb

>It’s 2:30 in the morning and I just got home…. 🙂
Today was a loooong day. I went to the mall, parlor and to my ate melanie’s crib for her sister’s birthday. I enjoyed playing with her uber daming dogs.. 🙂
I had a great fun with ate mavic, ate melay, her mom, and with the dogs!
To be continued…
Time to bed now.. I need to get up early tomorrow.
Good morning tumblr, multply, and blogspot! 🙂
MY TWO PRETTY ATES: ate mavic, and ate melanie

with hyper.. 🙂

bunny selosa

playing in front of the camera w/ hyper

they have more than 30 dogs… ang daya! 🙂


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