What About The Scar?

10 Mar

>everyday gets better after the surgical procedure that kissed my lumbar spine disease goodbye. however, as each day gets better, the wound I got from the operation dries up and slowly becomes a scar- something that reminds me of my condition forever.

I have one on the back and one on my lower right abdomen due to apendectomy (10 years ago). I am soo grateful that I am still alive and that I survived the extensive operation. But.. I am somehow bothered… I mean the scar can be seen easily…whenever I sit, stand, or even try to reach something… unlike the scar on my lower right abdomen- it cannot be seen unless someone undresses me.

Now, I’ve been thinking of having the scar tattooed, (but that’s something my dad needs to approve on…and this option needs years to decide on… I really never see myself having a tattoo, not even in my dreams, but I might consider it if my scar becomes really awkward).

Or if not a tat, how about a scar removal through laser or other non-invasive ways like cream, oil, etc. I really don’t know if they work though. Please let me know of effective ways… please.. 🙂

Regardless my scar disappears or not, I am very grateful that my health concerns with my spine are finally over! 🙂


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