Salamat Anak

26 Mar

It may be normal for us to have petty arguments with our parents. As we grow and as they become old, conflicts are really inevitable. But we, as their children need to give way all the time. They’re still our parents and we should keep that in mind.

I also get little arguments with my mom, especially when I drive, she doesn’t like how I manage the wheels. We also argue when she becomes irritable at times- again, it is because she’s getting old and that makes her touchy. But, I know that deep down… my respect for her never fades. Kaya I feel guilty ‘din when I have to stand for my opinions. ^^.
Pero no matter what happens, I’m sure that I will never leave my parents and I will take care of them when they get old, and I will find time for them…definitely! Why am I saying these things?
Yesterday, I was at the hospital to see my OB-gyne. After the consultation, I went out and stood in front of the lift. At my back, I noticed this old man, at his 80-ish (maybe). He was alone and was having a hard time reading the paper that his doctor gave him. I just looked at him. The lift stopped in front of us, I entered, and he followed. He asked the lift-operator where the Nuclear room was. I knew where it was but I kept quiet. As soon as we got off the lift, I asked him where he was heading to (kahit alam ko na…). He gave me the paper and I just smiled at him and saidTara tatay, samahan na kita”. He smiled back and said “doon ka din ba pupunta?”. I just answered “opo”. But honestly, I needed to go to the 9th floor not to the 2nd floor where he was headed to. I just didn’t say that. The lift finally reached the 2nd level, we got off. While we were looking for the room, he said “buti na lang nandiyan ka, kung hindi nawala na ako, salamat ha?” I smiled at him and said “Wala po yon, Tay, bakit po wala kayong kasama? Dapat pag pumupunta kayo dito may kasama kayo palage kasi malaki po tong’ Capitol Tay”. I didn’t get an answer except for the sincere smile on his face. Finally, we saw the Nuclear room. I talked with the nurse who was assigned at that time and gave her the request paper. I also asked the nurse if she would be kind enough to lead Tatay to the lobby after the procedure.. “ate, mag-isa lang si tatay eh kaya sinamahan ko lang siya, pero kailangan ko umakyat sa 9th floor”. The nurse said “oo ba ma’am, tara tatay dito tayo sa loob”. Tatay smiled at me and said “salamat anak..”.  I answered back with a smile “wala po yon tatay, siya na po bahala sa inyo”.
I left the room. It felt good that I helped Tatay in my own little way, however, it was so heartbreaking that he went to the hospital to have his health consultation ALONE. Where were his loved ones yesterday? Why was he there with no clues where the Nuclear room was? Where were his children?:( I didn’t know his story, but I knew that he needed someone yesterday. 😦
I promised to myself that my parents will never ever experience that. NEVER! 😦

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