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It Can Be Right or Wrong…

16 Jun

>Someone is making me happy right now, NO DOUBT about it…but I am scared that I might end-up hurting somebody else’s feelings or mine.

This morning, I went out for a walk. I plugged in my earphones and had time to think. I recalled all the things that my sister told me… “hayaan mo sila mag-isip, wala ka naman ginagawang masama”. She was right when she said that…but it tore my heart when I found out that some people could easily judge me. Kontrabida na daw agad ako sa paningin nila, eh wala naman ako ginagawa.. 😦   I was informed as well that these people were looking for my info online via Facebook, etc.

To be honest, I am not used to this. I don’t know what to do. I trust the person who’s making me happy right now, and it won’t be fair to stay away from him. I know that we’re not doing anything wrong, and whatever issues he has with his present is none of my business. Whatever it is, I’m sure that I’ll always be here to back him up. I am his friend, for certain!

I just don’t want to hurt anyone. I’d rather hurt myself than hurt others.

Thank you blog for listening! 😦


I Just Prayed

5 Jun

>”Lord, please don’t allow anything to happen if it means hurting other people. I trust Your plans, please continue to walk with me, please guide me with my decisions, and guard my heart from anything that is against Your will. You are my only Refuge, in happiness and sorrows…I LOVE YOU! Amen..”


2 Jun

>I now know why I got sick..
I now understand why I injured my back with this not-so-bad Spine Disease..
It is all because God wanted me to meet these wonderful people…
I love you guys! :))

I Missed You

2 Jun

>Hello blog! I missed you!

I’ve been busy with work lately and that’s why I am just writing now.

A lot of things had happened after my LOA and when I went back to work on April 5. I met new people who are part of my life now. These wonderful people gave me laughters that I wouldn’t forget.