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The Grown-ups.. :)

24 Aug


Aug. 22, 2010 @ Jay-j’s

Jon, Leigh, and Moi.. 🙂 Aug. 22, Jay-j’s

Jon, Julie, and Moi 🙂 Aug. 22 @ Jay-j’s

Spent another great Sunday with my Sweetheart and our good friends. 🙂 

  • met Jon at the our office at 5:30pm. Left my car there and we used his’. (mas tipid sa gas sasakyan niya… ^^.)
  • we went to Trinoma together and met our friends at 6:30pm.
  • Bought tickets for our group-movie-date… 🙂 we watched Grown-ups… the movie was so funny… 🙂 sulit nga sabi ni Jon.. 🙂
  • while we were waiting for the 7:30pm-movie slot, we had a quick dinner at Pancake House. Jon had his favorite Chicken Meal, I had Caramel and Banana Pancakes, and Julie had Spaghetti with Tuna Sandwich on the side. busog to the bones… 🙂
  • watched and laughed
  • went to Jay-j’s. Chilled out for 3-4 hours… 🙂 We enjoyed playing the “I’ve Never” game… We learned new things about each other…. super fun! 🙂 (Can’t wait for another session on Jon’s and Leigh’s Bday celebration. 🙂
  • I and Jon went to the office at around 5:00am na where my car was parked… then uwian na… 
  • more good memories to keep 🙂