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WIIFM October?

30 Sep


It’s October 1st, a new month for all of us! 🙂 I know this month will be a better one, and the keys are: If our previous month was not “our month”, it would be better to leave your worries and mistakes in September, and MOVE FORWARD! 🙂

So what’s in it for me this Month (WIIFM)? 🙂

  • I look forward to having a better health this time. My Lumbar Spine Disease is back (6 months after the operation, and yep I have it again!). This month, an approach to Alternative Medicine (Chiropractor & Acupuncture) is on my list. I also need to be serious on losing excess baggage off me or else… I’ll be dead! 😉 As soon as I get a permission from my Ortho-surgeon, Jon and I are game for Sunday walks. (That’s how supportive he is…) 🙂
  • More happy memories with Mr. Josef! Because of my condition, I’m on Leave for a few weeks (hopefully days only), but Jon and I have many plans this month, and nothing’s gonna stop us… not this back pain.. wow! :)) Jon promised to spend his weekends here at home with me and my family. Our weekend get-aways, parties, and bonding with some friends outside– are not on my list. I need to deal with different procedures for my health to recuperate soon. My friends promised to visit me one of these days too, and a home-bonding will be perfect! 🙂
  • Cut-back! Christmas is near, and of course we need to save and cut-back on some things that we can for Christmas shopping!
so my October’s WIIFM’s (weeee-fims! ^^.) are:
  1. better health, and I want to make sure that this time I’ll say goodbye to my Lumbar Spine Disease forever! 🙂
  2. more happy memories with Mr. Jonard B. Josef
  3. savings! 🙂
WIIFM’s for November? just wait! :))

BILLS + BUDGET= You Are Blessed

30 Sep


Today is sweldo day.. Some of us are getting ready to pay bills, and busy figuring out how to manage our budget until the next sweldo day.

Some are maybe even worried that they wouldn’t be able to buy new clothes or shoes because of their tight budget; and some maybe thinking how they’d be able to party this weekend if what they have is not enough.

Well… I guess we all have to think and be thankful that we have BILLS to pay and MONEY to budget… it only means that we are lucky and blessed because not everyone is given this way of living.

Others don’t pay bills… because they don’t have a place to keep them safe and because of this, they don’t even have to pay for power and water bills; some of us pay for our phone bills, credit card, and what-have-you… while others don’t have even a single penny to buy food…

SO to THOSE WHO HAVE BILLS to pay this cut-off and to all those earners who are now making their budget lists…BE THANKFUL because YOU ARE all blessed! 🙂

I’ve just paid my bills.
I have to go now to make my budget list. 🙂

Lord, thank You for all the blessings! I love You! 🙂 BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Benefit Concert for Kcat Yarza

28 Sep

>KCat who is my online friend (FB, Multiply, Blogspot, Tumblr, and Twitter) will have a Benefit Concert on October 8. Please share re-post this onto your blog and share it with your loved ones!

Benefit Concert for Kcat Yarza
For tickets, please contact:
at 0927-2459400 / 5336976 / 0922-5113735

(click here to enlarge)

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Benefit Concert -The Dawn, True Faith & Bamboo

benThanks to Malen & thhe Infiniteam!

They made me their beneficiary for an upcoming concert they organized..

I am Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza , Kcat or tack as my friends call me. I am 27 years old.  I am inflicted with Neurofibromatosis Type 2, a very rare genetic disorder that caused  tumor growths on my nerves, including my brain area. Complications of the disease caused me to be partially disabled. Paralysis on my left extremities, my left hand which I can no longer use for writing and  doing artworks, my left foot which permanently  put me on wheelchair.   Hyperostosis is seen on my right temporal muscles that is pushing my right eye to bulge out, and I can’t see well, my right eye is almost blind. Facial paralysis on the right side of my face caused difficulty in moving my mouth and swallowing my food.  And worst of all, I am deaf. I had my cochlear implantation on April 2008 but I still could not understand the speech yet, it will take a lot of time to stimulate my brain cells to totally understand the speech, but I could already hear the noise of the world which made me so satisfied. I can’t do a lot of things anymore but still. . . I MUST and I CAN.  Life must go on and everything has a reason.
Neurofibromatosis is a continuing battle.  Tumors grow like mushrooms which we really can’t tell if they will cause harm again. Some needs excision when it is already causing harm. Some possible tumors on my cervical spine could be causing my immobility. I wish someday I would be able to walk again. One at a time since we still need to raise funds for my future treatments and raising big amount seems hard because my regular medical maintenance are all quite expensive. We still owe my cochlear implant provider, Med-el, which is long overdue now. It is still a big amount that we really could not afford anymore because it is already beyond our family’s monthly income.
 Infiniteam Enterprises, Ltd. in cooperation with UNO Production and Metrobar is sponsoring a benefit concert  for me  on October 8, 2010, Friday at the Metrobar in West Avenue, Quezon City. ROCK N ERA featuring  Bamboo, The Dawn and  True Faith.
In this regard, I am seeking your generosity to hEAR me with your hEARt and support my fund drive. This would really mean so much to me. Concert tickets only cost P600.00 each and part of the proceeds will go to my medical funds to help us pay-off my cochlear implant and sustain my medical needs. 
I am looking forward for your very kind support. 
Thank you so much and God bless!
451-M. Vasquez  St. Mandaluyong City
 Please visit my website:
For tickets, please contact:

at 0927-2459400 / 5336976 / 0923-5382548

Eat, Pray, Love

28 Sep


I can’t wait to watch EAT, PRAY, LOVE! 😉 It’ll be shown on October 6.. 🙂 I’m gonna read the book too! weeee!

modus operandi

28 Sep

>I just logged onto my Plurk and saw this link Please share this with your loved ones!

Christmas is near, so please take care people! 🙂
From:mary ruth causing [mailto:causingmaryruth@ …]
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 10:59 PM
To: mary ruth causing
Subject: Warning of a Modus Operandi
Dear friends,
I’d like to share a story of what happened to me last Monday, October 6, which appears to be a modus operandi done by people with criminal intentions. My purpose for sharing this with you is to forewarn you of such incidents so that you may keep yourselves safe.
At about a quarter to 7 in the evening, last Monday, I left the office and walked out of Tektite building towards San Miguel Avenue , Ortigas, to ride a cab. It was just right after a brief drizzle, so the roads were almost empty of cars and people, although it was still a bit early. I’m accustomed to going home by myself if I feel like it, and riding cabs without any problems for the longest time.
I was walking along Exchange Road in front of our building, and have already crossed Pearl Drive , when I saw a cab slowly cruising along Exchange Road from San Miguel Avenue . It was an old, a bit dilapidated, white (seemingly) Toyota Corolla, with a yellow-lighted “taxi” on the roof, with black scrawl of the taxi’s “name” on the side (I didn’t notice the name written there). It didn’t have any passengers on board and I thought it a bit odd that a passenger-less cab would be coming from San Miguel Avenue towards Tektite at a time when taxis are supposedly full. I was more accustomed to seeing taxis with no passengers coming from Pearl Drive towards Tektite on its way out back towards EDSA or in the oppositedirection of C-5. But it didn’t quite get to me. I was tired and needed to go home to rest. I just thought that the driver was trying to get passengers.
I flagged down the slow moving taxi and got in. I said I was going towards EDSA, so the cab went its usual familiar route of rounding the one-way Exchange Road , out to San Miguel Avenue , left to Megamall, and right towards EDSA. I normally would text Tony of the plate number of the taxi, but at that time, I didn’t. I normally would check the locks of the car doors, but this time, I only locked the ones on the front and back passenger seats (right side, because I saw that the left side door was locked). Everything was normal, except that
it was still going its slow pace. The driver was a slim-built, middle-aged man, with balding head (some hairs on the side), wore a baseball cap and a worn-out but decent white polo jacket.
Near the foot of the flyover towards Ortigas Avenue and EDSA, he requested me in a kindly manner to please move to the other end of the passenger seat because “ma-fla-flat na po yung gulong ko. Spare lang yan e.” where I was sitting. I was sitting at the right side of the passenger seat at the back, and promptly moved to the left side. I was even able to converse with him, saying “a ganun ba? Hindi ba delikado yun na tumatakbo tayo sa EDSA na pa-flat na gulong n’yo?” “Hindi po, malapit lang naman po kayo, di ba? Kaya pa po yun,” he smilingly said. And, all along, we were slowly moving across the flyover at EDSA. After the flyover, he slowly veered towards the inner side of the yellow lane, but I thought it was because “inaalalayan niya yung sasakyan.”
When the taxi crossed the gate of Corinthian Gardens , it further slowed down, and I saw from afar two men seemingly waiting for a bus. When the taxi neared the two men, they gestured towards the taxi, and it suddenly dawned on me that this could be a hold-up. I initially tried getting the lock of the door to my side open, and was stricken by horror that it didn’t budge. It seemed to be jammed (or perhaps child-locked, on hindsight). And the horror of horrors happened. The taxi stopped by the two men, and the driver announced, “‘wag ka gagawa ng iskandalo, hold-up ‘to,” and promptly opened the locked doors on the right side doors of the front and back passenger seats. Everything went fast.
The two men briskly went in, one at the front passenger seat, the other beside me on my right. I thought in horror “this can’t be happening to me!” All I can scream was “ay! ay! Diyos ko! Diyos ko!” The driver said to the two men, “wag n’yong sasaktan ‘yan, mabait si ma’am.” And, to me, “pera lang ang kailangan namin. Hindi ka masasaktan kung susundin mo kami.” One of the two men was also middle-aged, slim-built, with balding hair. The other was younger, about in his mid- to late-twenties, gaunt-looking, with high cheek bones, with a thick head of hair. He struck me as someone who was taking drugs.
The next two hours were a gruelling ordeal. They rummaged through my bag and got my money, ATM and credit cards, cellphones, and my jewelry, including my wedding ring. They gave back my bag and wallet, though, but without the money and the cards. We spent the hours going around EDSA from Kamuning to Quezon Avenue , stopping at banks where one of the men went to the ATM machines to try and get cash from my savings ATM and credit cards. They didn’t let me out of the taxi to do the transactions. While one man did the transactions at the ATMs, the taxi kept going round and round the Kamuning and Quezon Avenue u-turns. They took away my glasses so that I can’t see where we’re going. But I was familiar with the places we passed – Timog Avenue , Agham Road , near the Napocor area, and back again to EDSA to go to the ATMs for transactions. They pressed me for the PIN of the credit cards, but I didn’t memorize them, but gave them some numbers that I’m not even sure of.
Towards the end, they were pissed off because they couldn’t get through the credit cards, and I was afraid that they’d do me in. But, in the end, they let me go, the driver warning me sternly, “wag kang lilingon sa kaliwa o kanan. Dire-direcho lang, kung hindi, babarilin talaga kita.” They gave a 100 peso bill “pamasahe para makauwi.” They dropped me off at Agham Road , near the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (formerly Lungsod ng Kabataan) at about 9:30 p.m. There was no one in sight, another light drizzle has already passed.
One of the men accompanied me out of the taxi, pushed me forward, and ran back to the taxi. That’s when I ran and ran towards Quezon Avenue until I boarded a jeepney at a stop light. The kindly jeepney driver motioned me to a mobile police patrol when we passed by one, and I finally came to the police precinct at Kamuning EDSA to tell my tale. I didn’t even get to see the taxi’s plate number.
They informed me there that that has been a modus operandi of these criminal elements, plying the route of Quezon Avenue , Timog, Agham, even Kamuning areas. They also would give some money for “pamasahe.” They would say it’s for a sick wife, etc.
I have talked to some employees of a company in the Ortigas area who fell victim to the same modus operandi. Same taxi, same description of the driver, same alibi about a flat tire, requesting the passenger to move to the left side of the passenger seat, where the door’s lock is jammed. Same giving of the 100 peso bill at the end of the hold-up. Last December, an employee rode the dubious taxi at SM Megamall at about 9 p.m. and the hold-up was announced when some men boarded the taxi at Star Mall. The person was held-up until 11 p.m. The other, with the person’s 6-year old child, boarded the taxi at the Robinson’s Galleria and was also held-up by men who went inside the taxi. I myself, boarded the taxi near where I work, imagine that. And, the security guards were just a few meters away.
Please be forewarned of this modus operandi. We’re facing harder times, and December is nearing. Take extra care, friends. As for me, I believe it was the prayers that helped me. All throughout the ordeal, my Savior was there, guiding me in what to say or do so as not to aggravate the situation until freedom came. They didn’t touch or harm me. Praise God!
God bless us,

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not again

23 Sep


after my operation
my emg experience

6 months after my operation, I thought everything was back to normal but I was wrong. Two weeks ago, I felt my left leg twitching again, and the worse was- my back feels painful again. 😦

2 days ago, I went back to my Ortho-surgeon and told him the whole story. He gave me various physical exams which I failed, my left leg is weak again. 

Various tests will follow. Hoping and praying for my consistent wellness. 😦

Please hit the “My Previous Blog” link found on the left side of your screen and check the following archives for the related posts: 
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btw, do not forget to hit the drop-down menu! 🙂

I know I’ll get by again. God is with me.. 🙂

Thank you Jabi! :)

22 Sep


I just got back from Jon’s place. 🙂 My plan worked.. he was really surprised! 🙂

Jon’s day starts at 3:00am. He wakes up at that time because his shifts starts at 4:30am.

I woke up at 2:00am, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on my jacket, and got my car keys. (taaama.. hindi na muna ako naligo… hehe! aga pa masyado yun, and I was just in my pamabahay). I drove through Jollibee and I was planning to grab his favorite TLC Meal but it would take me 15 minutes according to the crew who assisted me. I needed to manage my time well because his place was a bit far from mine… so I settled toJabi’s Double Yum Cheeseburger Meal instead. From there, I headed to his place. I arrived 15 minutes before he left. So I just stayed inside my car. We were exchanging text messages and I made sure that he wouldn’t notice that I was just outside their home. haha! 🙂

I saw their gates opened, so I started my engine and drove a bit farther from where I was parked. While he tried to drive his car out from their garrage, I already called him. He then  answered and said “ano ginagawa mo sa likod ko?” hahaha! I just laughed and didn’t respond. He then said “tabihan mo car ko, isasara ko lang gate..” and so I did. I opened my door and said.. “darling, may breakfast ako dala for you..”. He smiled and said thank you and kissed me twice. :-* “oh dear, mag-ingat ha? umuwi na diretso, teka sabay tayo” he followed-up. So we had a lovers’ convoy from there. 🙂

He sent me a text message and let me know how thankful he was. 🙂

I was very happy to see him again after 3 days. 🙂