The Priceless Memory Frame :)

9 Sep


My work ended at 4:30am and since we didn’t have any post shift today, and it took me 20 minutes to drive home, I was homebound 30 minutes after my shift. My mom opened the door for me and told me “Jam, may regalo ka diyan sa sofa”, I wondered and asked mom from whom the gift was and she just said “hindi mo alam, kay Jonard, nag-punta siya dito kagabi, nag-away ba kayo?”. I just smiled, put my bag and the car key down, hurried and got the pink box. I sat down, held the box, and just looked at it for a couple of minutes. My eyes were itching to see what was inside the box, but I wanted to take pictures of it, so I put it down and got the SLR to capture this 2nd surprise I got from the sweetest man I’ve ever known.

The tape was all around the box, I honestly had a hard time opening the box, “pa –suspense naman si Josef” haha!  Finally, the ribbon, the tapes, the wrappers were off it; I carefully opened the box and saw this personalized frame wrapped in the bubbled-sheet. I was amazed when I saw this most precious frame. I wanted to call him to let him know how I love and appreciate the gift but I decided to just send him a text message… I didn’t want to wake him up, that was why.
I feel so blessed that I have Jon with me. Who would’ve thought that this tall guy could cut adorable scrapbook stuff and patch it on this most precious MEMORY FRAME? He amazes me, everyday! 
• My mom finds it beautiful too. She wants me to ask Jon where to buy the frame. 
• This surprise was given to me just right in time because last night, we had a little misunderstanding which was settled in no time.

Dear, let’s share and collect more good memories together..  I love you! 🙂


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