Meeting the relatives

19 Sep


  • My friday shift ended at 4:30am (saturday), Jon went on Daytrade that shift because we had plans. He went to the office to at 4:00am and waited for me. From there, we had breakfast, and coffee at Starbucks, Panay Ave. Wait… it wasn’t coffee pala, we both ordered the Green Tea frost that I introduced to him when we were at Trinoma 2 weeks ago.. (he’s inlove with it) 🙂

  • From Starbucks, we went to Caloocan to have his car modified… 🙂 We waited for 2 hours but it was all worth-it, his car has a wrapped-around skirt now, and Jon is sooo into it. 🙂
  • From Caloocan, we both became so upset because we were trapped in Edsa heavy traffic. It took us almost 1 hour and a half to get out from that bumber-to-bumber nightmare. Wawa si Jon kasi nagutom so we decided to drive thru Jollibee for his Cheeseburger meal, large fries, and large Iced tea.. solb! 🙂
  • We went to my place then for my mom’s birthday party. The guests were not yet there when we arrived.. (thank God). So I took a bath, and went to the parlor to have my nails polished. One of the sweetest things was: Jon accompanied me to the parlor and he even waited for me. 🙂
  • CARWASH mode for Jon’s baby (Car) 🙂
  • we went back home and then there were my relatives. I introduced Jon to them and to my mom’s colleagues too. 🙂
  • munch-in time. Jon was super busog.. dami niya nakaing lechon.. :))
  • drinking, videoke, kulitan, picture-moments follwed
I am very happy that my relatives like Jon. They want to see more of us soon.. 🙂
jon and his first bottle
stolen shot

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