Thank you Jabi! :)

22 Sep


I just got back from Jon’s place. 🙂 My plan worked.. he was really surprised! 🙂

Jon’s day starts at 3:00am. He wakes up at that time because his shifts starts at 4:30am.

I woke up at 2:00am, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on my jacket, and got my car keys. (taaama.. hindi na muna ako naligo… hehe! aga pa masyado yun, and I was just in my pamabahay). I drove through Jollibee and I was planning to grab his favorite TLC Meal but it would take me 15 minutes according to the crew who assisted me. I needed to manage my time well because his place was a bit far from mine… so I settled toJabi’s Double Yum Cheeseburger Meal instead. From there, I headed to his place. I arrived 15 minutes before he left. So I just stayed inside my car. We were exchanging text messages and I made sure that he wouldn’t notice that I was just outside their home. haha! 🙂

I saw their gates opened, so I started my engine and drove a bit farther from where I was parked. While he tried to drive his car out from their garrage, I already called him. He then  answered and said “ano ginagawa mo sa likod ko?” hahaha! I just laughed and didn’t respond. He then said “tabihan mo car ko, isasara ko lang gate..” and so I did. I opened my door and said.. “darling, may breakfast ako dala for you..”. He smiled and said thank you and kissed me twice. :-* “oh dear, mag-ingat ha? umuwi na diretso, teka sabay tayo” he followed-up. So we had a lovers’ convoy from there. 🙂

He sent me a text message and let me know how thankful he was. 🙂

I was very happy to see him again after 3 days. 🙂


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