Jam- The Official Bum and I.T of the Day

12 Oct

>I haven’t been working for 22 days now, and everyday gets boring. I miss working, I miss my colleagues, and I miss those “4:30 mornings” with Jon.

For the past few weeks, I was busy dealing with my doctors at St. Lukes and Capitol Med, I was pre-occupied with all those hospital procedures. The brighter side was- my past weekends were spent with my family and Jon and these weekends were worry-free… meaning… I didn’t have to think about MONDAYS for a few weeks… hehe! :)) BUT BUT BUT some of my previous Tuesdays through Fridays were boring especially when I had to stay at home and just rest my ass all the time… talking about not being productive made these days moooore boring–btw, resting at home was at my best bet than to see my doctors…hehe!

Today, I was supposed to meet my doctors for my acupuncture and for another raised-leg-test, but because of some errands in my and in their end, I had to stay home and bummed all day. I wanted to make this day productive, so I looked for things to do. So I grabbed my laptop, and performed its system restoration… and it consumed half of my day (weew and yey!).

In short, today I was my family’s official bum and I.T.. why not!? 🙂

I have to sleep now, tomorrow is hospital day for me… no more errands please! :))

Pahabol: some days really get boring, but EVERYDAY is ALWAYS HAPPY AND MEANINGFUL because of Mr. Jonard B. Josef. He always completes my day! 🙂

To my colleagues: I’ll see you guys soooon! :))

Good night! >(”,)<


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