acupuncture day

14 Oct

>Yesterday was my first acupuncture day. Left home at 5:00am so we could drop my twin sister off by the office. Mom knew that I was real nervous, so we had breakfast at Jollibee Philcoa. She had sausage and egg sandwich and I had burger steak meal. After a quick meal, we went to her office and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Prolonging the agony… I should say! We left Mom’s office at 6:45 am. Mom parked in front of the clinic and then said “o baba na…”, I just smiled and answered back, “Ikaw muna….” haha! :)) I got my MRI plates and cellphone, and got off the car.

Dr. Caragay checked my MRI plates and asked me questions about my present condition and the previous operation I had. After the Q&A portion, we went to his clinic. There he checked my vitals, my tongue, eyes… He then gave me a go-signal that I was all-set for my first acupuncture session. The first two needles hit my scalp  and the rest rested on my back and feet. I thought that I’d feel a thorough pain but I WAS VERY WRONG. I felt so relaxed.

Now, I don’t see any changes yet, but I know that it’s too early to say. I’m keeping my faith close to my heart. Everything will be fine in His own time. I want to be positive with all my health concerns. It’s not easy because of the pain that I cannot tolerate at times, but ast I always say, everything is manageable, my LBS is not deadly, and these are enough reasons to be thankful for! I am also happy that I am surrounded by wonderful people. My family, relatives, friend, and colleagues who have been praying for my wellness. Their text messages and FB comments are so heartwarming. I am also grateful because I have a boyfriend who remains positive at all times. He’s ONE OF THE REASONS why I want to get hearty soon. :))


I asked my Mom to take pictures of me but she just laughed and said “anu ba? may sakit ka nga picture pa gusto mo??” My doctor laughed too. 🙂 I just said “Ma, nag bblog ako diba?”. hehe! But I didn’t insist. So here’s another post without an actual photo… sorry! Blame it to my mother dear! :))


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