burger steak

18 Oct

>Weekends have always been my favorite part of EVERY week, I’m sure we all love weekends! ^^.

Last weekend gave me a different story. I thought it would be the saddest weekend ever! I was supposed to leave for Batangas with Jon and his team but because of my health condition, a long travel wouldn’t be a smart idea. I had activities listed to keep myself busy- movie marathon, quality time with friends, and net-surfing. These activities kept me busy, but I still thought that this weekend was the worse or should I say the WORST ever. 

The weekend was about to end, and Jon was finally home (thank You Lord for keeping him and our friends safe). I would like to give Jon enough rest so he could make up for the sleepless night when he was in Batangas, and the travel itself was tiring for sure. So I asked him to munch on something first and to rest early, and he said, he would. He asked me to call him up, so I did. He said that he would have to meet his Ate’s friend at Katipunan to get something, and that he would just hit Jollibee’s Drive-thru counter for food. He wanted me to just stay on the line with him. So we shared our weekend’s stories with each other, and all that. He then asked me “kung kakain ka ngayon sa Jollibee, ano ang oorderin mo? kasi yun nalang oorderin ko at eat ko…” so I answered “Burger Steak”- my all time favorite! :)) So he had finally placed an order, and then ate as we talked. He then mentioned that his car was parked somewhere in Katipunan. I missed him sooo much so we didn’t have any dull minutes on the phone, and shared buckets of stories together. He raised many questions like “nasa kwarto ka ba ngayon?” so I answered “NO” because I was at our garage..hehehe! He again asked “bakit nandiyan ka?” and I responded “baka magising si Sam sa loob e…” and many questions were asked by my sweet boyfriend! šŸ™‚ New topic filled the line- it was about my family’s plan on purchasing a new car. So I asked him “hun, magkano nga ba ulit yung Innova? and then he replied “anong Innova, yung katulad ng nasa likod mo hun??” I looked back and to my surprise, HE WAS THERE….  šŸ™‚ I shouted and said “o ano ginagawa mo dito?” I was soooo happy to see him. I put the phone down and went near his car. He smiled and gave his pasalubong- it was favorite my Burger Steak… :)) Weeeee! šŸ™‚

I really thought that it was my saddest weekend ever. 

Another memorable weekend added to my bucket of wonderful memories! šŸ™‚

Hun, thanks for everything!  You’ve ended my weekend and at the same time, started this new week with your sweetest way! Thank you Mr. Josef! ^^. I love you very much! 


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