Driver and Sister For The Day

26 Oct


Today was a tiring but happy day for me and my sisters.

I was the driver for the day.

1) We went to our office (my and sam’s) to submit some papers. I was able to see Jon Weeeeee! 🙂 And I felt very happy that I’ve finally met Jon’s ate- Claire. I saw her in our office’s HR, and I knew that it was the right time to greet her. At first, I was really hesitant and nervous because we weren’t introduced to each other prior to this one so I was not sure how to call her. When I saw her, I said “hello, Claire? Right?” and everything started from there. We had a good conversation about a few things–my health condition and my twin sister’s too, her new work schedule, and etc. I felt sooo happy because we had a smooth talk. I shared this happy story with Jon and he was very glad (Jon has been waiting for this moment. He wants me to meet his family and friends soon, but we just don’t have any opportunity yet. I am really looking forward for more talks with his sister, and to also meet Jon’s family and friends).

2) From the office, we went to Capitol Medical Center to see our doctors. My two sisters met their OB-GYNE and I went to my ENT and Ortho-Surgeon.

3) After spending 5 hours in the hospital, we went to Trinoma and had a sooo sarap dinner at World Chicken- it was my first time, so my ate taught me how the combo works. I had chicken, bacon rice, fettucine, and Iced tea… all for 188 pesos.. sulit-sarap indeed. After our dinner, we went to Technomarine to buy a new strap for my watch, but too bad, no strap of any color was available, so I just asked them to install my old strap back, because the prior one was already impossible to use. Technomarine’s customer service was great, they cleaned my watch and had my old strap hooked without a cost, and they got my number listed and they promised to text me as soon as my choice becomes available. Next stop was at Landmark, my ate bought new clothes for her growing tummy… haha… buntis indeed! 🙂 Last stop was at Crazy Crepes. We all had Ice Cream Crepes… I and Sam enjoyed Strawberry Vanilla, and Ate Loi had Choco Banana. Yummy! 🙂

We arrived home at 9:00pm. It was really a busy day for us but I enjoyed spending good times with my sisters… 🙂

World Chicken, it was nice meeting you… ang sarap mo!!! 🙂

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