11/14/2010- One of my happiest days! :)

14 Nov


Definitely! 🙂 11/14/2010 is one of my happiest days! 🙂
Woke up early in the morning with a smile on my face 🙂 I didn’t get enough sleep last night because of excitement, happiness, and nervousness.. mixed emotions indeed. 🙂
Today, Jon and I started our morning right. We had all our plans filed even before we left home. 
  • 1st stop: we went to their home. It was my sixth, and my first time to be introduced to his mom as his girlfriend. The last five visits were random. My first time was during his Dad’s wake. I met his mom before but at that time, we weren’t committed yet, so civil introduction was expected. Some visits were surprise drop-bys. Those were the days when I brought some food for him, stayed for a bit, then left… random indeed! 🙂
    • so how? it was a bit planned. Jon needed a drop off, he had to get their PS3 to have it checked at Greenhills. We were both excited. Jon just couldn’t help but laugh as he drove Ino to their home because I was too nervous and my hands were very cold.  While on the way, I kept asking him questions about his mom, his ate, and his younger brother. 
    • “Masinag na hun!”I felt like backing out, but I remembered Jon’s heart and I knew from the start that Jon waited for that moment. I also remembered how Jon comforted me whenever I felt worried and scared when we talked about meeting his mom and family. His family is nice and beautiful as he is, no questions about that (I guess it’s very normal for someone to be nervous before she/he gets to meet his/her love’s loved ones…). Flashback saved me, I remembered Jon’s line whenever I get scared, he would say “halika nga dito hun…” and he would hold my hand and comfort me. I also remembered his dad when I met him at U.S.T Hospital (thank God because I was given that opportunity before he became an angel). Thank You Lord! 🙂
    • When Jon opened the gate, I was really unease. I wondered what his mom would say,  and all that “meeting-the parents” thingy.. haha! I saw Happy- their cute dog and started calling him to ease up a bit. Jon looked for tita. He then finally introduced me, and out of nervousness, I greeted him “Good evening” I was like… what the heck Jam…. Good evening in the morning????!!! Where in the hell you got that?? I composed myself, and said ay “Good morning po tita…” 🙂
    • Jon wanted me to stay in his room to wait for him, he knew how nervous I was, that was why….but I preferred to stay in their living room. While waiting for Jon, I turned on my HoneyBB’s wifi and just made it an outlet. 🙂
    • sayang… ate Claire and Pietro were asleep, and Kap was not around. di bale may next time pa naman… 🙂
  • second stop: we went to the nearest vulcanizing nook to have Ino’s tires changed.
  • third stop: car wash mode. I enjoyed my stay their too, I saw different kinds of fish and turtles of different sizes… o diba, ang sosyal lang ng car wash nook sa kanila! 🙂 I’m sure Ino enjoyed his bath… after 1 looooong week of no ligo.. :))
  • fourth stop: we went to Mama Chit’s where I met the best cheeseburger in town (Marikina..) 🙂 superb! i love! 🙂
  • fifth stop: OLA where we heard the 11am-12nn mass… 🙂 Happiness! I thank You God for all the blessings and for bringing Jon to my life! 🙂
  • sixth stop: Greenhills. We brought their PS3 there and I bought a hard jacket from Capdase for HoneyBB… 🙂 mahal pero sulit… HoneyBB looks better 🙂 Jon’s BB wears black, and mine wears pinkish red… cutie! 🙂
  • seventh stop: Eastwood City, Jon purchased a new watch from Suunto! 🙂 I decided to shell out half of its price. He used his CC and took advantage of the deferred offer. 🙂
  • eighth stop: Mister Kabab where we munch on Special Chelo Beef Kabab. I introduced it to Jon he loved it! 🙂
  • last stop: home sweet home! 🙂

Everyday gets better, happier, and lovelier! We’re down to our 5th month together but everything feels more than 5 months (and btw, we don’t celebrate monthsaries– wala nga sa totoong dictionary yun.. hehe…. we celebrate everyday though!)

Lord, thank You for this wonderful gift… 🙂

Hun, you are God’s gift to me! 🙂 Thanks for everything.. for all the good times, and for the challenges. 🙂 I look forward to sharing more years and happy moments with you, your family, my family, your friends, my friends… and eventually we’ll call them our families, our friends…:)

P.S. it was nice meeting ate nitz too! :))


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