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Our Lady of Manaoag

30 Jan


• with my Hun, bestfriend, Twinsister, and friends
• January 29, 2011
• left Manila at 6:00am
• literally got lost and reached Subic. We overlooked the right Exit.
• reached the church at 12:00nn
• we brought baon with us. 🙂
• had lunch at Matutina’s
• had several stop-overs. Loved the Shell of Asia
• got home at 8:00pm
• 127 photos are on my FB 🙂

It was my second time at Our Lady of Manaoag with Jon… Super happy! 🙂


With ate mavic and Kuya jojo

Lord, thanks for everything! 🙂 I love you po! 🙂



26 Jan


Until Jon and I get old, we promise to be together! 🙂 ang cheesy lang… 🙂


21 Jan

a few months way back, I got a dare from my not-so-supportive friend and I lost. So I had to buy him a bottle of tequila rose. (loser..) haha! :))

He just called in and threw a joke. “hoy cupcake…madami ka pa ba stalkers?” me: “loko ka! wala no”. He responded, “so let’s do the deal again… to check your confidence na wala..” me: game! :))

dare: I need to keep my Twits unprotected for a month.
consequence: I “might” treat him at Cibo for dinner.
consequence: He “might treat me at Cibo for dinner. lol!

now it’s time to unleash my Twitter…
BUDDY, remember for only a month! :-p

and by the way, he never forgot to let my braincells know that Twitter was made to share twits and not to keep ’em! :))

Dude, thanks for leaving my FB out of this dare,…haha! :)) Lab lab! 😉

He’s Back

19 Jan


After their Bora vacation, and all the errands of their delayed flight, heavy traffic, and a whole lot more, Hun is back! 🙂

He just arrived just an hour ago. When we were texting, I convinced him many times to just rest and just see me tomorrow, but he insisted.

He arrived home passed 12mn, I again asked him to just rest, he said “ok, pero usap muna tayo..” so I said.. “ok Hun” then while we were talking, he asked me to look outside our window, and there he was, Fresh from Boracay 🙂 Weeeee! I appreciate his effort and time despite the rigamarole he had.

Time to sleep! 🙂 he promised to make kwento about his Boraventure… :))

Sweet! 🙂

The Sweetest Note

18 Jan


My Twitter chirped and woke me up. I grabbed my gizmo and checked from whom it was. It was a Twit from Jon with a picture attached in it.

Jon is currently in Boracay and we’re having a little of misunderstanding right now. I know he’s very sorry. I just can’t wait to see him. He promised to see me as soon as he gets back from Bora.

We both know that we’re in a tough situation right now, sabi nga namin “Ito lang ang pinaka-tough na challenge sa atin dalawa”. What we’re having right now is not his fault nor mine, or should I say nobody’s. What we’re having right now is inevitable but we’ll get by.

Challenges are part of any relationship, some are hurtful but meant to make relationships stronger.

Jon wrote this on the
Sand, took a picture it and sent it via Twitter.0

I got this text message from Jon just a few minutes ago.

“I will never let you go.. I’ll stand by you forever..
I’ll be there for you thru it all..even if saving you sends me to heaven.. coz you’re my life, my true love please don’t go away.. coz I’ll be here for please don’t go away..:) Song yan Hun gusto dedicate for you.. I love you so much my pig! 🙂

Hun, I’ll see you when you get back. I love you too… my monkey… very much! 🙂

Things I learned today

17 Jan

1. Be quiet and calm.

2. Discern before you move your lips
3. Never expect. Not everyone is like you.
4. Understand
5. Pray and pray and pray
6. Don’t pray for a sign alone, also pray for wisdom.
7. Despite of all life’s challenges, never wish anyone a bad karma. God is watching you.
8. Free your mind and heart from worries, give yourself a room and time to think. Always remember that everything happens for a reason.
9. Be kind.
10. Be with people who love you and accept you for who you are and who you are not. 

This day has been tough for me. I’d rather keep the story with me, I respect the people involved. I hope tomorrow will be a better one for me, and for all of us.

Lord, In everything that happens, in joys and in sorrows, I’ll always be grateful to You, Lord. I know that not everything that hurts is meant to cause pains, some are meant to guide me to a better path. I surrender everything to You. 🙂

Happy Birthday Tito Nards

15 Jan
  • January 14, 2011
  • met jon at 8:00 am after my shift
  • bought flowers for Tito Nards
  • Jon brought some food
  • prayed together
  • Jon and I said our vows in front of Tito Nard’s grave. One of the sweetest things Jon has done.. (again).

  • Happy Birthday Tito Nards! I know that we didn’t have time to get to know each other but I’d always be grateful that God gave me an opportunity to meet you, talk with you, and held your hand when I visited you in the hospital. I will take care of your son, and love him faithfully 🙂