He Loves ‘Em

17 Feb

Around two or three weeks ago, while Jon was busy watching tv, I got up and prepared breakfast for us. I opened the fridge to look for anything to munch on, and then I saw our Christmas ham- patiently waiting to get cooked and liked. So I got it, let it cool while preparing French toasts and cups of hot chocolate. After 10 minutes, I fried the meat, put some sweet sauce on it, got ’em, tucked them in the French toasts I made beforehand, and pressed them with Home Made (the brand of mayo we use at home) mayonnaise.

It was a breakfast-on-bed. Jon, tasted them and he “loved and loves” em! 🙂 From that day on, Jon would always look for them. He even brought their Christmas Ham yesterday so I could make hamonado sandwiches for him. Yesterday, I used Pandesal- Jon brought some too from their Pandesal nook (Pan de Amerikana). They were good! 🙂


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